HUGE: Simon's got major BOMBSHELLS on Drugs, Abuse, And More -- And its' blowing up

Simon Saran may be leaving Teen Mom after his upcoming special...but before he goes, he has a few more bombshells to drop. Simon always has some shocking things to say, although I don't know if I belive it's all true....but anyway, there are some real good ones here, a lot of which sound like they could be true.

Here are the best:

Question: Did Matt abuse amber?

Simon: Yes

Our take: We don't even know what to say...

Question: Is deb with David just to get prescription medication?

Simon: Yes

Our take: Wow, if true that could really get Dr. David in some serious trouble...and it could be verified pretty easily, if the authorities choose to do so.

Simon: Farrah is a slave to MTV. What they say goes ... [later] Her producers were trying to set up the fake #MTVSingleAF show. Which will tank. I don't have time for child play shit anymore... [later] Her producers needed her to play single. Being a slave to money you hurt people along the way.

This was in response to a question about whether he and Farrah are done. Our take: he's suggesting that Farrah dumped him because MTV wanted it? Doesn't make too much sense, considering he adds plenty of drama.

Question: Why aren't MTV producers under investigation for pushing pills?

Simon: They are

Our take: Wow! A HUGE bombshell that could kill the entire series, if true. If not, that's serious defamation.

Question: Hopefully @F1abraham will realize that you are the best person for her. Do you think she will ever realize it?

Simon: She already has, trying to get me back but I think it's better if we have space

Our take: hm...that seems to contradict the previous one

Question: Please tell us what happened with MTV? Why you no film anymore?

Simon: Personal choice, plus I think they don't want a brown person on Teen mom

Our take: Serious question: what color is Farrah?

UPDATE: The feud is blowing up on Twitter:

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