How Much Does Farrah Make To Show Up At Strip Clubs, Events?

farrah abraham

More than any other Teen Mom star, Farrah does a lot of events -- and most of them are sexual in nature. Almost every month, she's at a strip club, doing something for porn site CamSoda, or hosting a party of some sort.

She recently announced that in December, she will be hosting Gossip's 20th anniversary. And there's a reason why -- she gets paid a lot!

A few years ago, she did a residency at a "gentleman's club" in Austin.

According to Farrah, the contract for that event was worth $544,000, as reported by The Squander. CamSoda, meanwhile paid he a very large amount for her (non-)porn videos.

Although we don't know exactly what she got for the first video, a lawsuit revealed that she was supposed to received a total of $20,000 for the second one.

Given all of this, it appears that Farrah's making well over $10,000 for these appearances, although that may include travel and other expenses. It wouldn't be surprising if Farrah made up to $30,000 for some of the bigger gigs.

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Instagram post by Farrah Abraham • Nov 12, 2017 at 5:13pm UTC