Could Farrah's New Lingerie Line Actually Succeed?

farrah abraham

Farrah's new lingerie line is OUT and we gotta say, it's a little disappointing. Let's cover all of the reasons why:

First, Farrah's trying to be an intellectual with this business. Don't do this. "Pulchra Intimates," is of course, what the line is called, and it's not clear why Farrah felt it was important to go Latin.

Nobody goes Latin. Not even Gwyneth Paltrow or Natalie Portman, who are the most likely celebrities to even know Latin.

We suspect that most people likely to buy this line aren't going to have any idea what Pulchra means. Worse yet, Farrah has decided to speak Latin alone while promoting the line on her Instagram.

Second, the line simply isn't shocking.

Let's face it, Farrah got fired from MTV for partnering with a sexy toy companies. Now, she wants to take the shock down a level with a boring old lingerie line? It's a little boring for Farrah.

Finally, if there's one thing that you should get out of a teen mom endorsed products, it's value.

But it looks like Farrah's line of lingerie is slated to be just as expensive as something you'd find at Victoria's Secret.

So, you pay as much for a bra and pantie set as you would for a brand name? Something tells us, this lingerie line is destined to be a flop.

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