Here's How Catelynn Lowell Got Xanax From Matt Baier

Catelynn Lowell

We truly wish that we didn't have to discuss anymore details on the drug scandals for Teen Mom OG.

However, it's just too damn juicy not to speak on. Catelynn Lowell revealed why she was given Xanax from Matt Baier but it still doesn't justify it.

"I'm having a panic attack.

I don't know what's going on.

It started in the car and then all of a sudden, Matt just is like, 'We'll just keep this between me and you' and he just hands me this bar," said Lowell, according to EOnline.

"I stuck it in my hoodie pocket and I didn't take it because I just turned around and looked at everybody in the room, like, I know his past and Amber's past and stuff so I was like, 'Why the [bleep] does he have this?'"

Later on she would explain that Bier figured out that she hadn't taken the pill and that it was still in her hoodie.

However, she was unable to find the pills later on and realized that Baier must have regained possession of them.

Baier seems to be in some serious hot water these days with his wedding called off and all. We'll see how he responds to this story and whether or not he has his own version of it.

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