Guest Post: "If I had a mom like Farrah, I'd be a better person"

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Note: We're generally pretty hard on the Teen Mom stars, but this post was emailed to us by a reader, and we thought it was very interesting...

I grew up like many of the Teen Mom stars. I only saw my father a few times a month, and most of those times he was drunk or high.

He eventually disappeared. My mother got heavily into drugs when I was in my teens.

At the age of 12, I had my first sexual experience with a guy, and at the age of 15, I got pregnant.

Since then, I attempted suicide more than once, and was too consumed with myself to be a good mother to my daughter.

By the grace of God, my daughter turned out to be a wonderful adult, and we've both repaired our relationship.

Teen Mom hits very close to home for me, as I guess it does for a lot of people. But what doesn't make sense is how many people attack Farrah.

Farrah is a strong woman, and she doesn't let anything stop her from giving Sophia a great life.

When I was young, I would have given anything to get a chance to travel (or go anywhere) with my mother.

Farrah takes Sophia all over the world, and gives her a chance to see and learn things that I will probably never get a chance to see.

But it's much more than that. Farrah has shown Sophia that with hard work and drive, you can go from being a pregnant teen, to a successful businesswoman.

She didn't fall victim to drugs or excessive drinking, like a lot of young moms. And she didn't have to resort to doing anything illegal for money.

Still, I think the most important thing is that Farrah spends lots of time with Sophia, and is a true mother to her.

I would have much rather had my mother do porn -- but still spend time with me and support me -- than what I had.

What Farrah does is perfectly legal -- why does it matter what it is, as long as it provides Farrah with the time and money to be a good mother to Sophia.

Finally, I want to say that any of the people judging Farrah should take a good look at themselves.

None of us are perfect, but Farrah has created a stable, happy home for Sophia. And most children of teen moms would have given anything for that.

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