Guess the Number...How Much Money Did Jenelle Make From Her Wedding

This price tag may shock you. So guess how much reports say that Jenelle and David made off of their wedding? We all know that some magazine offered Jenelle and David the exlcusive on their wedding given that later on, Jenelle got into a feud with a reporter over the issue. And of course, given the number of pics Jenelle took of her wedding attire, cake tasting and such, it's clear she also had plenty of sponsors.

But now, the Ashley is reporting that Jenelle and David also demanded a fee from MTV for filming their wedding. Although MTV was reluctant to give them the fee, apparently Jenelle and David wound up getting what they wanted. And here's the fascinating part: Apparently they got a sum of $15,000. That number of also the amount of money that they were reportedly offered for the wedding from a tabloid magazine, although it appears that they turned this down.

So, if Jenelle and David made as much as $30,000 from their wedding, any guesses on what they spent it on? Well, one thing's for sure, Jenelle's tastes aren't particularly classy and she doesn't seem like the type to save money, so our bet is on Jenelle and David spending on yet another, souped up SUV. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.