Adam Lind Quits Teen Mom 2 & Other Reunion Drama

Chelsea's ex and Aubree's father Adam Lind made it preeeeeettty clear in a sneak peak of the upcoming Teen Mom 2 reunion special that he's done with MTV for good.

While Lind announced in March he would be quitting the show and would not be appearing in the next season (though all four moms reportedly are), we're always a little skeptical when someone says they're quitting.

After all, many of the show's members have threatened to leave in the past without actually doing so.

Well, apparently Lind is really quitting as he refused to answer any questions during the reunion special, saying he was contracted to show up to the taping but not to participate.

"I'm here because I'm under contract and I have to be here. I'm not gonna give you guys what you want anymore. I'm done with it," Lind said to Dr. Drew.

He also posted this to his Instagram page today following the definitive news of his departure:

A photo posted by Adam Lind (@adamjoelind) on

Lind says no amount of money can entice him into returning the show as his main priority right now is caring for his kids body building. Any doubt about that, peep his Instagram for never-ending shots of him working out.

Chelsea Houska could care less about Adam leaving the show which doesn't surprise us since Chelsea is finally unfazed by him now that she's found a new love that she's willing to invest a lifetime in.

In fact, when Dr. Drew asked her about Adam's refusal to participate, Chelsea said exactly: "I don't care."

The clip ends with her saying a carefully worded: "Like, whatever."
See it in its entirety here;

Another sneak preview into the upcoming reunion special posted by MTV is titled "Javi Doesn't Want to Divorce Kailyn" provides some further insight into the very public dissolution of Kailyn and Javi's union.

From Qatar, Javi apologizes to Kailyn and says he wants his "family together more than anything his world." Still, he said that the divorce his happening and when he returns he will be getting his own place.

The clip ends with Dr. Drew asking Kailyn what she wants to do and she instantly begins crying. We'll have to wait for this upcoming Monday to hear her response.


Dear adumb,
"Bye Felicia!"

Like Chelsea said, nobody cares that you're 'done'.

:/Nikki G can you tell you're cousin steve to please fix this site or at least be honest and tell us this is thw end y'all write story's but it appears as steve has given up?

&&& of course Chealsea doesn't care she doesn't care who her child's father truly is, all she cares about is making her daughter hate him as fast as possible ? I'm not a Adam fan at all but since cole came along she doesn't give a ratsass about aburees feelings... She does but she doesn't the trash talking and changing her last name come on really?! Let the child be a child and stop brainwashing her... Adam does it too & it's really getting on my nerves I'm rooting for Chealsea but hassnt she learnded9anything from kail and javi? Kail pushed the father thing and look who gets hurt most in the end... Just let it be natural and don't force a relationship

Have you not watched anything? Chelsea tried to get him to be a dad. HE could care less. I don't blame Chelsea for being fed up trying to get him to pay attention to aubree.

Don't get all Janelle crazy..... You act like i am defending Adam and I'm not.

I'm saying that she shouldn't talk bad about him in of her as he shouldn't but the trash talk, the wanting to change her last name? She's almost 6... I like Chelsea hellof alot more than

Anyone else on the show i just feel like she is coming on super strong with the cole thing trust me Adam is my least favorite as well but that doesn't change anything that's still aburees father that is all I'm saying

Jenelle crazy....I have no mistake childrn and respect my mom so there's that. Anyway I'm just saying I don't blame Chelsea for not caring. I think it's wrong you say she doesn't care "who is the dad" llike really? Adam is and always will be a piece of shit.

I think Chelsea cares SO much. I'm behind you guys in what's aired. But I just watched the episode where Chelsea is literally in tears because Aubs told Mary that Adumb doesn't play with her. She loves that kid so much and she has every right to be done with trying to push Adumb into being the father Aubree deserves. I don't think she's pushed Cole. Cole seems to love Aubree and be interested in her. He's not over the top like creepy Javi and is way more interested than Jerrmy was. I think he's got the perfect balance. And Chelsea is and has told Cole that she's so grateful he is in their lives. What's wrong with appreciating a good man who's willing to be the daddy when someone else won't?

I do agree with you Meth Pipe, I don't really think Chelsea pushed Cole on Aubrey. I think there were a few scenes where she asked some baited questions, but I thought it was pretty clear they were scripted questions. Cole seems like a genuinely nice guy and to me it clear that he and Aubrey adore each other. I also agree he isn't creepy like Javi is with Issac, if Cole had other kids I can see him treating them all like he treats Aubrey.

I agree that Chelsea has no business pushing Cole into Aubree's life so heavily or trying to make him be the father Adam isn't. That's a decision Aubree will have to make for herself at some point. However, Adam has had YEARS to be a good dad and he isn't even a decent one. He's lazy, unmotivated, and is half-assing his presence in his daughter's life. I think it's similar to Barb's issue with Jenelle and Jace. In several years, when somebody still shows no interest in his or her child, it's time to stop trying to make the pieces fit and just move on. It's not Chelsea's responsibility to make Adam interested in Aubree. He's still the same POS he was in "16 and Pregnant" when he called Chelsea a "fat, stretch-marked bitch" and Aubree a "mistake" he wanted nothing to do with. He's not going to change at all. I just don't see it happening.

It annoys me that all of the girls except for Leah seem to be assigning fathers to their children, despite the children already having fathers (whether or not they are involved). It just seems bizarre. It's okay to have a father figure in your kids life but don't start having them call your boyfriend "daddy" and shit, like come on... We all like to shit on Jenelle for this but I think Kail was the second worst offender considering he pushed Isaac to call Javi "daddy", like wtf? Jo is his dad!

As for Chelsea... I don't know, I know that Adumb's an idiot, but he's not exactly "not" involved. He's Aubree's father, as distant as he is. No need to change Aubree's last name yet again.

Leah did attempt to make Jeremy out as more of a father than Corey at one point. They would both say Corey doesn't do anything, Jeremy does it all. These moms have no idea how to just be civil. In Chelsea's case, she has tried to be civil but she's also been pushing Cole as dad 2.0 since day one

Leah doesn't assign new daddies because she's too busy trying to find new dickses for her use

You can't compare Jo and Adam!!

He has been claiming to be "done" for a long time. I'll believe it when I see it. When he doesn't have the money to buy new cars to wreck and pay lawyers for fighting about his "oh-so-deserved" custody, mostly the car part though, he'll be back.

If he really does quit though, I imagine his involvement with Paislee and especially Aubree will be pretty slim.
Seeing recent instagram and twitter posts from his baby mamas seem to hint that he's not paying child support for either of them again and Chelsea/Taylor have been letting the sisters hang out together sans Adumb.

Adam loooves to bite the hand that feeds. He doesn't realize that he's expendable and no longer entertaining. He's gonna be pissed when MTV doesn't even reach out to him to re-sign because they've had it with his ungrateful bs.

On one hand, I totally agree. I don't know why Adumb continues to shit-talk MTV while they are the ones that paid him to be a loser and dead-beat. If he wants to quit, he should. Despite being paid what, a couple hundred thousand per season, he still hasn't managed to pay child support? He doesn't even pay THAT much child support when he does evidently, especially considering the money he made on this show.

On the other hand, Farrah and Jenelle have bad-mouthed and bit the hand that fed them for years, yet still get handed a paycheck and signed on for more seasons. It's kind of disturbing on MTV's part as well as theirs.

Adumb just lacks the entertainment value they have, which would be the only thing I can see MTV saying, "eh, we've had enough" about.

For all we know it is a lot of work for Adam to get dressed up and get to the gym, plus rounding up these alleged friends to agree with him by nodding is an extra thing. MTV probably doesn't pay him enough for that effort.

I am convinced that Dr Drew's contract with MTV only requires him to watch two short clips of each person that is attending the reuion so he has something to ask about. Clearly he doesn't bring his addiction specialties to the party because he really hasn't called out anyone on their claims to be clean and sober. Not sure what he brings but a small dusting of professionalism?

I agree that he probably has no interest in watching the trash show and so just watches what they tell him to. I'll bet the producers say "Here, watch these clips and develop questions based on these." I don't doubt that AT ALL.

PS I am done with this site as of today I cannot stand the performance problems.

“Bye Felicia!”

Sorry I have a life.

Yet you spam the comments, create a non functional website, and be pissy. Some life ?

Serious question, who is Felicia?

Jay- I know you wrote "serious question" but I can't tell if you are serious or what you are asking. The quote "bye Felicia" is from the movie Friday came out in the mid 90's. Ice Cube said it. His son also said it in the movie Straight Outta Compton. You should watch both if you haven't seen them already.

Thanks stranger, I was being serious haha. I haven't seen either of those movies so I might have to!


Someone mentioned that the refreshing is something intentional to get more page views. Its especially obnoxious when you're trying to watch the clips in the articles. I haven't quite had the heart to leave yet, but that especially seems like the most obnoxious thing; implementing something that gets actual viewers so frustrated, so they don't view the page - then you rely on the pseudo-views.
I don't know if the site or source is reputable, but the Ashley cited it way back when Adam announced he was quitting.

To be fair isn't Corey appearing too? I wonder if contract-wise they're treating this as a "season 7B" so the dads can't decide not to renew? That or Corey's full of it too

I do think they're treating this as a season 7B but I also think they're all full of it. The dads, as well as the moms. Most of them have complained about the show and have said that they're no longer doing the show but year after year they keep doing it.
I guess money speaks louder than morals.

That's definitely possible. The way this show labels things is so confusing.

I don't really see why Adam wouldn't do TM, I mean he barely has to do anything but sit on the lounge with his druggo friend/sponsor, go to the gym and make some empty threats about custody. Hey that kinda of sounds like Jenelles segments.. Just replace friend with swolemate and gym with St Thomas.

I know that everyone loves Vee (I also like her and think she's a nice person) but did nobody see her tweets when she had Vivi? She said she would be protecting her child and not showing her on TV. I guess she realised that it is the only way to feed her family since Jo doesn't do anything else... Happy to get to see Vivi but kinda disappointed in Vee

I think Miranda is the only person to actually be like nah fuck this FOR REAL

I already knew Vee would sell out. That's what they all do. I honestly don't get why people are easy going on these Fathers. Jo is probably the only dad who has stepped foot in a college and where is he exactly with that? We talk so much shit about all the girls who haven't completed college but where is Jo's degree? What job does he have? He is a cheater like the rest. His temper when he gets mad is pretty bad as well. He seems like a good father but honestly how often does he even have his kid? Half time? Slow clap for Jo.... ?

He doesn't even get to see his kid half the time because Kail is a selfish horrible excuse for a "mother" who puts her wants before his needs. And Vee has probably done everything within her control, stayed off of Twitter and Instagram. If MTV still has them on contract there's nothing she can do about it. We don't go "easy" on the dads just because we say the moms are complete hypocrites and terrible co-parents. Considering what Jo has to deal with I think he has great control of his temper. You disrespect me in my home the way Kail did, I'd fly off too.

It's easy to be such a great parent when you aren't there. Who knows how Jo would be if he had their kid full time. Kail is a shitty parent to me, but I'm not going to praise Jo off what could have been. He still doesn't have a job and hasn't finished school. He is no better than Maci. Everyone goes on about how if Adam doesn't want to be in it he can leave and if Jenelle doesn't want to she can leave, but the same cant be said about Jo and Vee? Come on.... Jo and Kail are awful to eachother hands down. Two rights don't make a wrong. She is a bitch, she pushes his buttons. After that time he said she should go into early labor out of anger I just can't fuck with jo.

I'm pretty sure everyone's acknowledged that you have to fulfill contracts. They can't just leave whenever they want they have to wait until there's a contract renewal and then refuse to re-sign. Also I don't remember Jo or Vee talking about quitting themselves, just not showing the baby and we've barely seen her.

Barely is still seeing her. I don't know when the contract ends or starts. If you see that baby on the next season then I guess we will know fersure if she is truly a sellout. Vee was going on about how we wouldn't see that kid on Tvbecause she was going to protect her baby. But hey that's none of my business.

Pretty sure Vee did say we wouldn't see her or her daughter. Jo didn't. I don't believe for a second that it's in their contracts that they have to show ViVi (look at Miranda). Vee made out like she was protecting her child by keeping her away from the show altogether and we've definitely seen ViVi multiple times... There's no denying that she went back on her word

I have never really been a huge fan of Jo, I think Kail makes him look good but I don't think he is by any means a gem. I mean the whole child support issue, if he wasn't paying what he should have been paying then that is all on him, he is no better than Adam. I think he is been shown in a better light because of Kail. If he were with another mum I don't think he would nearly as good.

I can see him quitting t o pay less child support

I came on to say the SAME thing. It's probably an attempt to fool the courts into thinking that his income no longer substantiates what he is forced to pay.

Chelsea is right, he's a narcissist and has no concept on what being a father is physically, emotionally or even financially.

Pretty sure he'll continue to just be an instagram dad. Hopefully Aubree and Paislee are smart enough to know that he's just a POS and not take his absence personally.

I'm with you too. Crap dad, leaving good money just lying on the table instead of giving your daughters a good start in life. All on the name of fitness.

Except CS just got calculated, so in SD he'll have to wait 3 yrs to go back unless he can truly prove he doesn't have the earning potential to the referee....and he obviously does since they're still filming....I always wondered how that would work for sure when they did end this show finally though...

Ohhh I thought it was like Nebraska and if there was a significant income change they can revise it

He'd have to be motivated enough to actually petition himself this time and actually show up. It's possible with this big of a change he could get it modified already, I believe it's a 40% difference in income or 3yrs and you're allowed to go back and have the ref look at it, I'd have dig out my paperwork. I would still be curious what the ref would have to say about his earning potential though knowing he could still be on the show if he's obvious to us it's just about not wanting to pay more.

Yeah, bye, Adam. No one cares.

Ok I found something worse than Leah fans... Adam fans. Did you know this exists? Part of a comment from his instagram-- "you and @stasialynnhuber have been probably the most honest and sincere relationship I have seen just based solely off of social media." :barf:

Gross. Adam was pretty honest and sincere when he had his meat stick slammed up in another "fit mom" behind Stasha's back

Wait, wut?! There is not one female but two interested in Adam's meat stick, at the same time?
Not when I could gag him and put a bag over his head. He is creepy and totally not hot.

I wonder how many STDs he's contracted at this point. Gross. I would be afraid to touch him.

uhm, never base ANYTHING solely off of Social Media

I'll believe it when I see it. He's just mad he gets called out at every reunion and can't find excuses to come up with anymore. Every season there's something important he missed in his daughter's life. I mean a dead lift competition with a whole 8 people in it was A LOT more important than your daughter's father-daughter dance she REALLY wanted you to come to. Yeah Chelsea is aggravating sometimes, pushing the replacement father card with Cole on her kid.. but really.. Adam is a loser. Cole is great with Aubree and a good influence on her. She'll appreciate it when she's older. Also, buying a house with an MTV check and working as a personal trainer doesn't show that you're committed to being a father and co-parent. He'd be in jail (longer than he usually is) if it wasn't for MTV and their money. BYE FELICIA!

Exactly. Dude doesn't want to face the truth that he's a shitty father and complete loser. I also believe the theories that he's quitting so he doesn't have to pay those huge amounts of child support. It's still hilarious that he got arrested for not paying Paislee's CS after failing to get joint custody of Aubree. If that's not a huge sign of what a total douche you are, than I don't know what is.

But it wasn't his faaaauult. They should've told him before that he's supposed to pay his child support. /s

@ Future Ex....I love how he always claims it isn't his fault, but the whole issue wouldn't even EXIST if he just paid child support in the first place, like he's supposed to when he has a child with someone.

I totally understand why Adam would be over it, or why any of the cast member would be. He just comes off as such a douche when he doesn't want to explain himself. He goes on the defense automatically. So funny

why is he saying he had to be there or else mtv would sue him? i understand it is in his contract, but jeremy didn't go (and he is a dad), jo didn't go, corey also didn't attend (he only skyped in).

i get that chelsea has no drama so maybe they needed him to be there, where as the other girls have other drama besides the kid's dads?

just seems weird that some dads don't have to go and others claim they are under contract.

He said on his IG a while back that he only went so he could take Stasia to NY because she had never been and that he was never going back again. Maybe Javis deployment gives him a pass and Jerrmy might be on a different contract now because he's barely on the show. I don't think Adumb would be smart enough to check clauses or make clauses in new contracts about what they include.
I wouldn't mind betting that he's doing a Leah and hoping they will offer him more money.
Also, I watched the Dad special yesterday. How funny is Jerrmy. He's SO over Leah. Dave is a big dumb idiot. I can't believe he was even on the After Show. Corey and Jerrmy seemed like good buddies.

Or he is full of shit and just making empty threats

Unrelated but looks like Javi is getting around..Or Nathan..

Im gonna say its Jeremy

Probably but he isn't newly single as is stated in the Blind item.

I usually assume Javi because he's a social media (and attention) whore

I read somewhere but I don't know if it is true... Adam not only said he will no longer be filming. He said in order for Aubree to film, she needs the signature of both her parents. And said he will not give permission, therefore they cannot show Aubree on camera on the next season.

Would he have to have primary custody for that to be true? I am no expert though

I believe The Ashley said that he more than likely had no say in Aubree filming or not because Chelsea still has full custody. He might have say with Paislee but not Aubree.

Ooo the downvoter is in full force today, maybe it has been Adam all along! Maybe he is quitting TM so he has more time to downvote us.

Speaking of Adum, does anyone else see the crazy similarities between him and Jenelle ?

I pity the downvoter. It is either a person wasting his or her life clicking thumbs or it is a person who is not able to write a real good script that automatically downvotes comments based on the words used or upvotes.

I think I've got an idea who the down voter is
All I can say is I pity you. It's not funny anymore,it's just mega sad.

Cast member or past commenter?

Seriously. Who the he'll takes their time to do this?
The chick is nuts

Past commenter

I totally see the similarities. Both Adum and Jenelle have zero concept of their mistakes, think they are above the law ALWAYS, always claim MTV is painting them in a bad light and they can't possibly be as garbage as they are portrayed, noooo way. Both claim to fight for their kids yet rarely pay child support and have another legal battle usually in the way of said "fighting for my kid" charade. Neither of them have any idea of other human emotions, in fact not even sure either of them have a conscience or morals.....Have had violence charges and drug issues, etc., etc.,
The only difference between them is that Jenelle has multiple deadbeat and useless baby daddies, while Adum has two seemingly good baby mommas who genuinely care about the kids.

I could go on, probably illustrate a venn diagram with more things in common than not, but I'm sure the site will refresh before I get to that, lol.

I think that Adam is able to get nice women because unfortunately I think women are more easily manipulated than men when it comes to relationships. Adam seems to find the weak point in all his women and use that to keep them around, for Chelsea it was the possibility of a family.

anyone else think nate was drunk as hell during the reunion? also is there anything worse than his smirk when he feels like he's won over jenelle? they are both such terrible people, jeez louise

Yeah, I don't get that either. So 95% of people just know Jenelle will never live up to them yet I don't see everyone smiling all day.

Of course. Nate's always drunk. And he's so smug he makes me sick.

To me it seems like there are lots of signs TM will be cancelled this time or drastically changed soon.
1. season 7b instead of 8
2. Lauren Dolgen, who created 16&p and TM, gave MTV her notice
3. The number of cast members saying they will quit is increasing. I would say that too to save face.
4. Looks like Adam did quit. Maybe cause he knows it's just one season?
5. Maybe Steve knows this site has no long term future ;-)

I can't wait to see what happens when the gravy train drops all of them of at the last stop.

Well, you probably all saw this coming, unless you thought Farrah was making 'peace' signs with her tongue hanging out lately: Farrah added a new sexy video to her private collection and it is available for all and everyone as of now.
Free toppings for girls this week at Froco to celebrate?
See Radar

LOL, now she's doing lesbian erotica. But "I'M NOT A PORN STAR, I'M A VICTIM!!!" We all still believe you, Farrah! You poor, poor thing!

Hey, why can't she just love people?

well at least she isn't clinging to teen mom for money, Really she is the only girl (I use that term loosely here) that did anything other than teen mom. When the show ends, Farrah has ensured she and Sophia will never starve.

Kudos to her for doing more in her life.

Now that that is said, I think Farrah is a terrible person. She treat everyone like shit, ignores Sophia, and is miserable and loony.

BUT she isn't poor.

Deleted scene involving Jenelle at the reunion (saw this at LWOTM)

I was at the reunion.

There was a scene that didn’t air that I’d like to talk about. So in the scene where jenelle was screaming at Babs during a phone conversation and she says “I have to go to court with my own mother for my son!” After she hung up, she says, speaking of Babs, “She could die right now and I wouldn’t give a fuck!”

They played this scene while jenelle was on the couch with Barbara. Jenelle looked mad and says something along the lines of “I don’t even know why they showed that clip. I was mad and I said some things.”

Dr. Drew then asks Barbara what she thought about it, she looked visibly hurt. She said she really thinks that was the truth, that jenelle doesn’t care if she were to die.


Ugh, Jenelle is such a disgusting piece of shit. But why am I even bothering to type this out? We all know she is just the worst.


Taylor's beard seriously looks gross

Another commenter on another forum called it a pube beard. I think that's a perfect description!

Pube beard would explain why Maci keeps getting pregnant. There's a tiny peen living in there....ewwwww....I am gonna downvote myself for this comment. Bawahaha

Can we talk about how awful Kail's lips look?! Someone mentioned on another site that she's starting to look like the girl from Futurama and goodness she does!

Someone confirm this PLEASE javi is dating peach!!! Lol


I just found the RADAR article over it...cracking up.
Not that I think Kail is innocent and I'm sure there's a number of reasons their marriage ended...but LOL

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Peach was Javi's friend before Kail's, right?

Even if they aren't dating however, (isn't Peach a lesbian?) apparently Kail and Peach have been in a twitter feud with each other recently. Peach said she was dissapointed in Kail and Kail fired back with typical Mermaid Martyr comments.

I imagine Javi and Peach are purposely doing this to rile up Kail in the best way they know how....via twitter. And with Javi's need to steer attention on himself at all times and make desperate attempts to make her jealous...I'm not surprised.

How did the whole Kail is a mermaid thing start? I forget.

BUT if they end up dating, LOL.

Adumb is sniffing and moving weird a lot...

Well, he's probably on drugs. That's the kind of stand up guy he is.

I got a strange e-mail from Teen Mom Junkies loveuu. Anyone else?

Yes, I received one in my junk mail as well. I did not open it.

I got one too

I've gotten 3 of them today

I just checked as well. I have one too in junk mail. I did not open it. No one should. Don't like a stranger having my email from this site...maybe Steve Beans can respond to this. Though I don't think he pays attention to this site at all as it has never been fixed. Also got a Viagara offer coupon in my junk mail, if anyone wants the promo code let me know. Might be a hard sell. Bahaha ;-)

Yes I did. I do not like some rando having my email ... This needs to be addressed

Yep, I got one too.

Yep me too!

umm yes and it was creepy

In other news Maci had the Surprise Miracle baby so now she can resume drinking!!

Not like it mattered the first 6 months anyway to her.

What are the chances the paparazzi appeared out of nowhere on a beach in Delaware? Methinks the mermaid has them on speed dial. Although if she reads the comments on that article, she may not want her picture taken again in a bikini.

Peekaboobs ;-)!

I am not fat shaming and I don't think Kail looks bad at all, but she has clearly gained a lot of weight since her plastic surgery. Why go through all that to just put the weight back on.

The only thing I can think of, she got the tummy tuck because she had loose stomach muscles from pregnancy not because she wanted to be any skinnier?

Kail will always be chunky because she eats shit. No amount of exercise can undo a shitty diet. And a tummy tuck doesn't tighten your stomach muscles. They just take the excess skin that's been stretched from pregnancy, and the fat.

AGH! it is so sad what is happening to this site! There's never recaps, hardly articles and no one comments! And of course, as I'm typing this I am remembering to highlight and copy every one in a while to keep from losing my comment to the refreshing bug. Seriously, this sucks.

Anyways, has anyone seen Leah's recent instagram upload? She looks SO dirty. It's a quick impromptu photoshoot (kinda reminds me of Molly Shannon's SUPERSTAR photoshoot in the catholic church) except it takes place on a drug couch.

Anyways, it's worth a look

She has so many fake Insta accounts, which one did you see it on?

I saw them! ?
Is she trying to be sexy in some? Soooo funny. I wonder if that's Robbies house?

I saw it on another site, she looks like the white trash meth head queen :/

And with my third spam email from this site in 2 days, I announce I am fully done with this site, and will not be coming back. I haven't felt the desire to comment in a long time, and don't wish to be a part of this scam paycheck any longer. I feel this site has stooped to the level of Nikkole's Sandy Hook click-bait nickel articles, and I'd like to think my life serves a better purpose then rage clicking an article by Nikki just so google can pay her per click - and per refresh as well (wonder why they won't fix it hmmm) and selling our email address to God knows who just to pad their pockets. No thanks. I came to this site years ago because it felt nice to be able to watch a terrible show in the comfort of friends, and have the occasional snark as well. But as these girls got worse, I feel we all have too, and it's time for me to separate from all the hostility, and the money hungry schemes, and find something more productive with my life.

Stay positive, and love one another.

I got one too! Someone asking to get to know you better? Yeah, how annoying.

Yep, I'm done with this site as well. It got me through 3rd shift dispatching and entertained me through grad school, but TMJ has taken a worse nose drive than Leah's October 2014. Peace out, TMJ. It's been good

What the fuck is up with spam email? Technical issues are not acknowledged or resolved, we barely get new stories, and now everyone is getting spam. Fuck this, I'm logging out and won't be logging back in until Steve can deign to fix his site.

What are some good TM blogs? I don't like the Ashley, and that webpage spams as well. I find myself in the tumblr world more often and it's not where I wanna be. I'm too tempted to call out LWOTM

I am going over to the reddit page, I think a few us have gone over there.

How many of you guys have moved to the teen mom reddit? I see a few familiar usernames, is it you guys?

My username is LeahMether. Just signed up!

I am jay7474, Jay was taken :(

I can't work it out??

Can't work out reddit? I don't really get it either but if you just follow this link it will take you to the teen mom reddit, you just read the articles and then click on the little comment button to make comments.

Yeah. I've kinda been having a play and a read last night. Feeling like a big newbie. Maybe I'll just creep for a while. TMJ was a big part of my day for quite a few years now. How sad that it's come to this.

Agreed! Didn't realise how much time was spent on it u til it is all gone :(

I'm glad I mentioned the Teen Mom subreddit on herem, it's a lot more active now! Can;t give my username cause I had it before I mentioned it on here so it's not just for TM stuff lol. I'm done with here too, I also got a spam email. So I will stick to reddit and LWOTM. It's a shame, because I prefer commenting here but oh well.

LWTM is great for updates, but the comment and conspiracy theories are crazy!

I'm copcardramatics over there

Might just lurk for a while, feeling a bit shy

I am pissed that Teen Mom Junkies sold my email address to a third party. Shame on you! It is a betrayal of trust. I will pop in to see if an explanation is given for this bullshit. Otherwise I am outta here too.

The site refreshing continuously has been ignored. The site is not kept up to date. But it is free so I wasn't complaining. But selling the personal and private email addresses of those who made this site a success is just a really underhanded thing to do. Without readers, without us signing up with our email addresses, no one would know who this website was.

What a shitty thing to do. Now our emails will likely have been sold and sold again, so the spam will multiply. God knows who has them now. I hope not our Ip too

I've gotten 4 emails. Unacceptable. See ya, TMJ.

Hey, thanks for the spam emails I've been getting!! I really fucking appreciate it.

Reddit scares me a little so I'm not sure if I'll head over there or not. Either way, I don't want to be apart of this anymore. At least not the way things are now.

It's been fun. Kik girls, I will see you on kik. Trap Baby, I'll see you on facebook.

Hey what is that kik group? Can anyone join? I hate see this community just die out!

Can I pin the kik group?

I'm done here. No new articles, and reddit is way better to read. Peace out tmj.


It sucks that so many are jumping ship.
If anyone here starts a blog or anything let us know.

One of the girls from this site is starting her own blog for Teen Mom. Here’s the recap from tonight

It’s just starting out, so be patient and spread the word! I also heard that one of the very well liked writers from this site will be writing for her ?