Farrah's talking a lot of s--t on 'Family Boot Camp'

Last night was the finale of Farrah Abraham's time on Family Boot Camp on WE. But even after the whole season of fighting, it looks like Farrah's not tired out...

Here's what she had to say about the couples on Instagram:

While she was talking like this about Kendra, her dad was busy saying that there's no bad blood between the two of them, and that they're both cool with each other. I guess that's not quite accurate.

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Farrah also had some stuff to say about the show itself, although it seems like she couldn't decide whether she liked it or not. Here's what she said on Instagram: "Grateful @WETV for the once in a life time opportunity. I have the confirmations I need to be a healthy empowered young single parent, #familybootcamp Historical moment & most memorable cheers"

But on Twitter, Farrah had something a little different to say:

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