Farrah's Latest Attemps to Exploit Sophia Will Shock You

farrah abraham

We've all watched as Farrah has set up Sophia to be her next cash cow. First, Sophia had a children's store set up that she actively promotes, then we saw as Sophia became active on social media with her own Twitter and Instagram account; later, Sophia scored a modeling gig and began making endorsements. But what's next for Sophia?

Well now, Farrah is using Sophia to fight her wars with MTV. Recently, Sophia tweeted out:

"I support my mom making entertainment a safer environment for other kids and moms! Go Mom! Shame on you @mjfree @mtv @Viacom @AnxiousEngine"

You gotta give it to Farrah - not only did she promote the idea of Sophia going into porn as a career, but she also has to use Sophia to cast shame on MTV, while she's doing the most the shameful thing herself - using Sophia to fight her wars.

The question is - does Farrah know that this is her last shot at fame. Once Farrah stops being featured on MTV, she's going to become irrelevant, which means that her business income is also going to decline, which means that Farrah is going to feel pretty lost. And we gotta admit, we can't wait for it all to go down.

So it seems that in the meantime, Farrah is going to try to stay as relevant as possible.