Farrah wants you to pay $19.99 a month to see her (non-nude) content???

farrah abraham

Kim Kardashian has an app, and she makes tons of money off it. So does Taylor Swift... And Zendaya....

So what do you do if you want your share of that money, but you can't afford to have someone create an app for you? Apparently, there's now an answer to that, and Farrah has found it. She's joined on with some random startup that lets you pay for her content via an app -- for a whopping $19.99 per month.

And what do you get for that? Well, no nudes. In fact, CamStudio charged about the same price for her new vag's on-screen debut. According to Starcasm, that got 300 viewers.

So far, if you download Farrah's app you get access to a total of 3 posts and 1 video! Talk about a deal.