Farrah Says Girls Should Follow Her 'Example' While Hosting 'Back Door VIP' At Strip Club

This one is truly amazing: Farrah Abraham talked to Us while she was hosting the "Back Door VIP" program at the Vegas strip club "Crazy Horse III," and she decided to talk about how she has "standards" that the other teen moms don't have.

"I'm just going to stick to my own standards and I'm not going to dumb down to mediocracy...I think a lot of the women on my show have done that and I feel bad for them. ... I just feel like they should watch and let me be the example because otherwise, when I try to be friends with them, they like to bash me and tear down one another," she added. "I wish them all the best. I frankly feel like I'm not here to just get married and divorced and pop out babies. I'm not about the drugs and the drinking. I'm just not about that s--t."

Well, that's that I guess...