Is Farrah Abraham The Next Scary Stage Mom?

Has anyone taken a look at Sophia Abraham's Instagram lately? This girl is shilling for practically every brand that Farrah can get her hands on and it's clear that Sophia is being shuttled into the entertainment industry. Even though Farrah has taken her own career into some pretty questionable directions, it's clear that her name can attract quite a bit of publicity. So has she been trying to just build up Sophia's career all along? Let's examine the evidence:

1. Sophia's already a model for "chickbyglossy" subscription boxes. No idea what this is (likely a subscription company for monthly packages of items for kids) and it seems Farrah is endlessly promoting this on Sophia's Instagram...

2. Which leads us to our second point. Sophia has more of a social media presence than any other kid her age. Yep. This kid's got an Instagram, a Snapchat and a Twitter. And these accounts are pretty active too, featuring all of her up-to-date activities (if an 8-year old can lead that exciting a life!).

3. Sophia is actively featured on Teen Mom and it appears Farrah has no intention of slowing down with her shots of Sophia treading behind her across the country. Given Farrah has been talking about moving to LA for sometime now, it appears Farrah also has her sights set on turning into a stage mom and making sure Sophia lands some plum roles as a child star.

Will she succeed? Our guess is that Sophia will be too consumed with hating her mother in a few years and acting out, but that's just us.

<a class="image-credit" href="">Instagram post by SophiaLAbraham • Aug 14, 2017 at 2:41pm UTC</a>