Does Jenelle Have a Thing for Jailbirds?

It seems you can't get news about Jenelle without finding out that either she, or someone she's connected to, has an impending sentence for some sort of charge. And sure enough, this time, Jenelle's fiance, David, is facing the music about a charge for violation of a domestic protective order against him.

According to Radar, David had been in a grocery store when he spotted his son and hugged him. David's son was with his grandmother and aunt, who reportedly were frightened by David's sudden move. David's girlfriend had obtained the protective order against him, given that they had had quite a bit of drama in their relationship, including domestic violence.

Yesterday, while David pled guilty to the charge, he asked for a more lenient sentence than the original 60 days of jail time. And it looks like he got it, considering that now, David will have 12 months of unsupervised probation.

Thank god for that, because there's nothing like jail time to get in the way of planning a wedding.

Recently, Jenelle and David made a trip to New York to pick up their clothes and outfits for the kids for the upcoming wedding. Jenelle looked like she was having a lot of fun, juding from her Instagram pics, although you just know that in between those idealized shots, she and David were definitely having one of their inane screaming matches.

Hmm, we're thinking that the reason Jenelle isn't claiming any domestic violence in this relationship is that she could have just enough volatility to match that coming from David!