Does Chelsea's Storyline Suck or What?

chelsea houska

Let's keep it real: Chelsea's storyline on Teen Mom 2 this season sucks. And the funny thing is, you can even see how hard she's trying to pump up the drama.

First, Chelsea tries to make a big deal out of Adam's issues. Honey, he's not on the show, so it ain't that dramatic. Then she tries to liken Adam to Ryan Edwards. Again, he's not actually Ryan Edwards, because he wasn't captured on TV high and driving and about to crash into somebody. Finally, we have all of the psuedo-dramz about Aubree changing her name to Cole's last night. So, what, big deal, your daughter is changing her name, it ain't that surprising.

Here's the thing: Teen Mom is a show for trainwrecks. If you're not a trainwreck you need to get off the TV because we're just not that interested in seeing a teenager mother be a functional parent. Not only is it a non sequitur but it's also just boring!

We think Chelsea needs to either get into a fight with Cole, forget to feed Watson or stop making so much damn cake all of the time that she has to personally feed to Cole. She also needs to stop complaining about MTV trying to make her look bad because they're obviously not very good at that.