That didn't take long: Farrah's got a new feud who thinks she's got PMS

marnie simpson

While the on-again-off-again between Farrah and Simon is currently off, Farrah is recording MTV's Single AF for the UK audience. And she's already in a heap of drama.

Farrah was already in a spat with Casey Johnson, who blocked him on Twitter. He didn't mince words, though, calling Farrah a "witch." We've gotta believe that that's one of the nicer things Farrah has been called lately.

He also said this: "Boohoo, I'm so bothered....Anyway, enough about Farrah or whatever her name is...Can't wait to get back to the UK and find out my next destination. Hopefully I'm not paired with that witch."

Meanwhile, it looks like Farrah's got a new feud, this time with MTV UK star Marnie Simpson, who said this: "I don't really have a word for Farrah...maybe she's on her period."

This feud started even before the show begin, when Marnie said that Farrah was "awful...horrible....rude....[and] obnoxious." Farrah responded with a weak (for her) "avoid whats-her-name".

Meanwhile, Simon is living it up with a new girl, and he's doing everything he can to show her off. In a series of Instagram and Twitter posts, he has been discussing this woman:

We don't know her name yet, but we can bet Farrah's gonna want her man back.