Did MTV Capture Jenelle Pulling Her Gun On Film?

Jenelle Evans

Here's an interesting one: The Ashley is now saying that MTV was there when Jenelle pulled out her gun in the road rage incident the other day.

In fact, they captured the entire thing on a GoPro. That will make for some big ratings for sure!

The report also says that MTV executives are extremely mad about the whole thing, and they're "figuring out what to do" with the video.

To us, there's no doubt MTV will decide to show the video. The only real fireable offense from MTV is porn...

Multiple different sources are reporting that MTV is very concerned about the reunion, especially since the Easons have a history of violent acts.

As we reported recently, Kail has already threatened to hit David at the reunion, over the other things he and Jenelle have done, including attacking Leah and her children.

But now, Jenelle's gun insanity is making an already volatile situation extremely scary.

Morgan J Freeman has yet to comment on the whole thing, but rest assured they'll find some reason to keep Jenelle on TM2...

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David Eason on Instagram: “My babes a bad ass babe! Happy Valentine's day! #targetpractice #valentinesday #safetyfirst”