Did Matt Baier Drain Amber Portwood's Bank Account?

Amber Portwood

Oh no, now there's money involved. It looks like Amber Portwood is accusing Matt Baier, her former fiance of taking quite the sum of money from her bank account.

"Not even after she reveals that Matt's been draining her bank accounts of over $100,000," commented Cosmopolitan in a reunion recap.

"Wow, OK, cool.

My husband and I had to have a very serious talk when he donated and extra $100 to KQED so he could get some greatest hits CD or something and didn't tell me about it, but Matt's doing literal grand theft and she still won't let him go."

The report rightfully points out that it seems as if Portwood continues to keep Baier in contemplation despite all of the hardships she has gone through at his expense.

In fact, the trouble he has put her though is so sickening to her that she can't get to properly spend time with her daughter, Leah.

We'll never know why Portwood is really keeping Baier around but only time will tell what the two have in store. Then, there's also that adult video that has silently been on the table.

There haven't been further reports on the status of that deal or whether it will ever go through, however, with the way things are going at the moment, it's not looking like Baier would be her first choice for co-star.

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