Did David Eason Keep Jenelle From Getting Full Custody of Jace?

By now, everyone knows that Babs got to maintain full custody of Jace. Although Jenelle felt that Jace belonged with her, looks like the courts didn't see it that way. But is it possible that the person who got in the way of Jenelle getting custody of Jace was actually David?

Apparently, reports have been circulating that Jace doesn't like David and didn't want to live with Jenelle because of this. The rumor mill has supposedly been swirling in overdrive on this matter, ever since we saw Babs telling Jenelle in the last episode of Teen Mom 2 exactly why Jace didn't want to spend mother's day with her. It looks like David was the problem.

So, will Jace ever be reunited with his mother? At the very least, it's fair to say that Jenelle is going to keep complaining about the matter and fighting with her mother over the issue. And Jace will certainly get to see Jenelle has he does now.

We're sure that no matter what happens, Jenelle will keep getting pregnant and create more children to make up for the loss of Jace.