David is now claiming that the guy Jenelle pulled the gun on tried to kidnap her

Jenelle Evans

David Eason goes on loony Facebook rants daily, so it's generally not news.  But this time, he's making a pretty amazing claim...

In between calling commenters pieces of s---t and defending himself for the balloon stabbing incident, and talking about how much money he makes, David said this about the guy Jenelle allegedly pulled a gun on: "you saw the old mans side of the story, he tried to kidnap her."

So the new excuse is that Jenelle was a victim of a kidnapping... Why? For the rest of the payments on her Dodge Durango? 

For starters, you'd think that if Jenelle was being kidnapped, she'd mention that to the police or on the call to 911, but there's no record of anyone alleging a kidnap.

Of course, there's also the fact that Jenelle appears to have followed the man home, and caused damage in his lawn.

It's unclear why a person would follow her kidnapper home -- but I guess this is Jenelle, so it's not out of the question.

Now we're just waiting for David to claim the "deep state" was involved...

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