Is David Eason the Next Matt Baier?

David Eason, now engaged to Jenelle, has been interesting to watch on Teen Mom 2, primarily because he doesn't do much. Is it just us, or have you noticed that all David ever seems to do is drive Jenelle around and join her in complaining about her mother? As a result, we couldn't help noticing the parallels between David and Teen Mom OG's Matt Baier? Not convinced? Let's examine the evidence below:

Point 1: David Eason's primary function on Teen Mom is to drive Jenelle around. Ever notice how most of the scenes in which Jenelle and David are filmed together take place in her car with him driving her somewhere? That's exactly the case for Amber and Matt. We constantly see Matt chauffering Amber wherever she goes and all he seems to do is just drive her.

Point 2: David has a thing for temperamental women. Whether its bipolar disorder, PTSD or substance abuse, one thing's for sure, Jenelle is definitely a dramatic woman. An episode doesn't go by in which Jenelle isn't screaming at someone. And of course, Amber, has publicly spoken about how she has been diagnosed with borderline personality.

Point 3: David Eason has more skeletons in his closet than he lets on. David reportedly has a prior charge for domestic violence. Meanwhile, Matt Baier, of course, has his shady history of seeking out multiple women on Teen Mom. Not to mention he may have a gambling problem.

Convinced? Let us know what you think in the comments.