Is Chelsea Leaving Teen Mom 2?!!! Here's the Straight Dope on That

Chelsea's been more active than usual on Twitter lately and of course, what she's saying is attracting some attention given that she's throwing MTV under the bus. Apparently, a number of Chelsea's scenes have been cut together to make it seem like Chelsea has baby fever and Aubree is going underappreciated. Part of this has to do with the fact that Aubree does seem to be having some trouble adjusting to baby Watson. Part of this could also have to do with the fact that Chelsea is a mom who sets clear boundaries.

For example, a couple of episodes ago when Aubree was having a meltdown in the car, Chelsea told her she needed to stop crying or she would be punished. And later, when Aubree wasn't being gentle with their pet ducks and chickens, Chelsea made it clear that she wouldn't be able to play with them anymore if she didn't treat them like live creatures. Shockingly, Chelsea's response seem pretty reasonable.

According to Chelsea, however, MTV has cut together her scenes to make it seem like all Chelsea cares about is baby Watson and having even more babies. To be fair, that is exactly what Chelsea told Cole. Last night, for instance, when she was playing with Watson, Chelsea literally said, "I have baby fever," and later asked Cole when they could start trying to have another baby.

Bu based on her tweets yesterday, fans got worried that Chelsea was going to leave the show. Chelsea spoke out about how she is upset that Aubree might see the footage of the show one day and feel that she was too tough on her and favored Watson over her.

The fan outpouring has been pretty extensive about trying to keep Chelsea from leaving the show, but seriously, does anyone really think she's leaving. How on earth is this teen mom planning on supporting her family without the income and all of the entrepreneurial opportunities the show's publicity offers?

The fact is, the more these teen moms talk about their angst, the more publicity the show gets, so it looks like it's win, win for both the teen mom and MTV.

Puhlease, nobody is leaving that gold mine anytime soon.