Is Chelsea Houska Threatening To Leave Teen Mom 2?

every couple of months or so rumors begin to spread that a Teen Mom member would be leaving the show or, they are threatening to leave the show. It never actually happens though, it looks like that could be the case for Chelsea Houska, who has had issues with MTV producers over they way they have been editing certain pivotal moments in the show.

"Ever since Teen Mom 2 fave Chelsea Houska aired out her grievances with how her storyline has been edited this season, rumors have swirled Chels is totally dunzo with the series she's been a part of for eight years," according to WetPaint.

The publication later on reported that rumors of Houska's departure began to intensify after fans learned that Briana DeJesus would be joining the Teen Mom 2 cast. The speculation is, DeJesus was being introduced to the show to replace one of the current members.

It seems like a totally viable story though, we haven't heard anything from Houska herself, so, it is still hard to confirm it. The article also revisited Houska's dad, Randy, who has been on record to say that his daughter was getting over all the Teen Mom 2 world.

Looks like we'll have to wait and see what happens when the next season pops up.