Theories on What Happened with Amber and Matt

So Matt and Amber's wedding is on hold. Big surprise, or no? We're jogging our memories and it seems like this has happened before - Matt and Amber have certainly delayed their wedding in the past. And of course, on screen, all we see is these two being lovey-dovey. So what gives? Why would Amber and Matt put their wedding on hold? We've got three fan theories:

Who Else is Asking Questions About Simon Saran?

Although the husbands/boyfriends on Teen Mom OG are all a little suspect, no one is more mysterious than Simon Saran. And it's not just that he and Farrah have one of the most tumultuous relationships on Teen Mom. It's also his making Farrah buy her own engagement ring despite claiming to be the CEO of a company called Global Wealth Enterprises, his scandal ridden past, and all those insane cars he's always being filmed in. Does he even own one of them? Let's take a look at the most mysterious and concerning components of Simon Saran's past:

Shockers and Spoilers for the Upcoming Season of Teen Mom OG

A new season of Teen Mom OG will be premiering tomorrow and our favorite ladies, Farrah, Catelynn, Amber and Maci will be back. While Farrah might be currently occupied spreading shade about her costars, it seems like she might have had an even busier year. Here are some of the secrets, shockers and predictions for the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG:

Teen Mom 2: Live! Recap

The show starts right off with Kailyn making an on air announcement of her recent pregnancy. She's not revealing the father for a very long time. Jo took the news well but she hasn't had a conversation about it with Javi. The host find out if Kailyn thinks Jenelle released the information on purpose. She can't say for certain but Kailyn isn't ruling anything out. Jenelle side of the story won't be told tonight. She was supposed to be on the show but somewhere between the hotel and the studio, she disappeared.

Happy Holidays from Our Teen Mom Favorites!

This weekend, our Teen Mom favorites took to their social media pages to share positive holiday message from their families to ours. Here are some of the stand-outs.