Who's the bigger idiot? Simon Saran gets into a Twitter spat with Courtland Rogers

Farrah Abraham

Being Simon, the Teen Mom biopic on Farrah's on-and-off douchebag Simon Saran, is coming up this week and we're all soooo excited... And just in time for his debut, Simon has decided to get into a Twitter spat with another of our favorite douchebags, Jenelle's ex Courtland Rogers -- the guy with the Cadillac tattoo on his neck.

Is Farrah Abraham The Next Scary Stage Mom?

Sophia Abraham

Has anyone taken a look at Sophia Abraham's Instagram lately? This girl is shilling for practically every brand that Farrah can get her hands on and it's clear that Sophia is being shuttled into the entertainment industry. Even though Farrah has taken her own career into some pretty questionable directions, it's clear that her name can attract quite a bit of publicity. So has she been trying to just build up Sophia's career all along? Let's examine the evidence:

Looks Like Farrah Abraham and Her Mom Debra Danielsen Are Speaking

Debra Danielsen and Farrah Abraham

Well it looks like Farrah Abraham may be receiving her invite to her mom's wedding. The two have recently reunited and it's coming out to the public just days after the announcement of Debra Danielsen's upcoming televised wedding. Things are getting plenty interesting for Teen Mom OG.