What Does Javi Want with Kail's Child Support Money?

javi marroquin

Last night on Teen Mom 2, we saw Javi telling a friend that he was going to serve Kail papers to go to court for child support payments. What's interesting about this is what Kail pointed out when she actually got served the papers: Javi was demanding money for health insurance when he actually gets great health insurance through work. In addition, Javi was also requesting money for Lincoln's school tuition needs. But again, Kail pointed out in response to this that she already pays for Lincoln's school tuition. So why was Javi demanding child support at all, given these two facts?

How Much Are Teen Moms Getting Paid on Instagram to Promote Products? The Answer Will Shock You!

jenelle evans

Anyone notice that the Teen Moms have recently all started to promote products on their Instagram?

Whether it's Kail and Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 or Maci from Teen Mom OG, these moms have gotten another past time in between pregnancy and giving birth to children and that's making money through social media endorsements. Whether it's products for your teeth ,your face or your extra weight, these moms are increasingly promoting away.

What Will Kail Name Baby 'Lo?

Kailyn Lowry

Has anyone else noticed that all of the Teen Moms love to name their children obscure names that are trying too hard to sound sophisticated? It's as if these teenage mothers are trying to compensate for the fact that they gave birth to their children at the age of 16.

Kailyn Lowry Plans To Raise Her Baby Solo

javi marroquin

A new report claims that Kailyn Lowry, despite being photo'd out with Chris Lopez, plans on raising her baby solo. Fans know Lowry is all about being independent and strong and it looks like baby number three is no exception.

Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Finale Special Recap

Happy Monday TMJ. Tonight the show will conclude with Leah and Jenelle's check-in interviews with Dr. Drew. It should be a wild ride based on the behind the scenes segments from last week. This also means it's time to say goodbye to the family's of TM2 for a bit. But the Teen Mom OG girls will be filling in the gap in your Mondays with an all new season starting April 17th.