Barbara May Not Be Invited To Jenelle Evans' Wedding

Jenelle Evans

There's a good chance that like other Teen Mom weddings, Jenelle Evans' will be televised. There will obviously be a ton of guests in attendance, however, Evans' mother Barbara may not be one of them.

Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Finale Special Recap

Happy Monday TMJ. Tonight the show will conclude with Leah and Jenelle's check-in interviews with Dr. Drew. It should be a wild ride based on the behind the scenes segments from last week. This also means it's time to say goodbye to the family's of TM2 for a bit. But the Teen Mom OG girls will be filling in the gap in your Mondays with an all new season starting April 17th.

Does Barbara Really Want Custody For Fame?

"If I want fame and money, why am I still wurkin' at walmaht?!" Barbara fires back at Jenelle for claims and has no plans to give her Jace.

Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 25 Recap

Happy Monday, TMJ! Tonight's the last episode of this season. So you know what that means, it's all about what goes down behind the scenes. TV Guide says "The gals and their families travel to L.A. for the "Teen Mom 2" reunion; Jenelle and Barbara's onstage feud leads to a backstage blowout; and, after reconciling with Javi, Kailyn is blindsided by allegations."