Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 20 Recap

Hey guys, so it's storming really bad and there might be a slight chance my power will go out. So if updates just stop that's why. Lets jump in. TV Guide says "Jenelle and David keep big news to themselves; Kailyn and Javi adjust to their new relationship; Jeremy is unhappy about Leah's vacation plans; and Chelsea learns that Adam is behind on his child support."

Teen Mom 2: Season 8 Episode 2

Hey Teen Mom Junkies, June here to bring you the play by play for what's going on with the Teen Mom 2 girls. We're gonna go back one episode before the new one later tonight, since I missed that one. TV Guide says this episode "Jenelle faces Nathan and his girlfriend in court for her assault trial; Leah struggles with Addie missing her father; and Chelsea meets with Adam's ex."

Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 1 Recap: The Verdict Is In, Is Jenelle Acquitted?

Chelsea Houska

Tonight was the premiere of Teen Mom 2, Season 8. We were glued to the TV, waiting for the drama to unfold. And we were not disappointed!