Teen Mom 3: Can We Scratch Lindsey From The List?

lindsey harrison

While Teen Mom may be on tonight (and yes, we will be live tweeting! yay!), the final cast member for Teen Mom 3 still appears to be a mystery. Because of the popularity of our little blonde detective mma cheerleading pregnant girl Lindsey, I was almost sure she was secretly the final member of the Teen Mom 3 cast. Hey, she has already started her ink collection, and she's blonde, so she'd be a perfect candidate, right?

Kristina Robinson Opens Up On Her 16 and Pregnant Experience

16 and pregnant

Kristina Robinson appeared in what was likely the saddest episode of 16 and pregnant to date. This was because the father of her baby, Todd Hight, passed away shortly after the couple agreed to appear on the show. She had a tough decision to make on whether or not to continue filming, but went ahead with it anyway, and from the sounds of the interview she gave her local paper, almost regrets it.

16 and Pregnant Voting Results

mackenzie douthit

Now that the season is over for 16 and Pregnant, it's time to see who you thought should be on Teen Mom 3. If you didn't know, out of this season, 4 girls were to be selected for the newest series that will echo Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. There were a lot of good candidates this season, as personally I only found myself pretty bored through 1-2 episodes tops. (I won't say which)