Battle Of The Teen Moms

mackenzie douthit

As most of you already know, the rumor I posted last week has been confirmed over the weekend. Teen Mom 3 officially received the ax, leaving all 15 of their fans left out in the cold (I kid, sort of). The cast of the show took to twitter over the weekend to express their sour grapes as they took shots at the two successful versions of Teen Mom in the process. It's a pretty hilarious read for many reasons, and you can read the entire thing at starcasm, but I'll post some highlights.

Teen Mom 3, See Ya, Hardly Knew Ya

teen mom 3

I have it on good authority that Teen Mom 3 will not be renewed for a second season. That's all I can really write about it considering I didn't even watch the season, but I wasn't alone. The highest rated episode was the season premiere at only 1.8 million viewers, and the numbers only went down from there. To put it in perspective, Teen Mom 2's season 1 premiere received 3.5 million viewers, and topped 4 million a few times before dropping quite a bit during season 3. The lowest rated Teen Mom 2 episode was rated at 1.13 million viewers, and that was on Christmas Eve (not a good time for TV ratings).

Teen Mom 3 - New Trailer Out!

teen mom 3

Steve's Note: I know this blog hasn't been updated in a long time. I've been busting my butt with the Big Brother blog, so don't really have time to follow the drama of the moms. My guest writer (Joan) has been a bit busy, but I have still been looking for someone to keep the blog floating during the summer months. I'm going to be testing out some more guest writers, and if they pass the standards, they'll probably write a bit more.

Teen Mom 3 - Alex Sekella's Ex, Matt McCann Is In ICU

Alexandria Sekella

If you don't remember this season on 16 and Pregnant, Alexandria Sekella was the small town girl who tried to deal with a boyfriend who had some major drug issues throughout the episode. It was sad to see it unfold the way it did, and it appears that life caught up with Matt McCann as he was involved in a life changing accident last night.

Teen Mom 3 - Cast Basically Revealed

Alexandria Sekella

It's been one of MTV's worst kept secrets on who will be starring in the new Teen Mom 3 series, but the girls basically confirmed it recently by tweeting to each other about how excited they were about their upcoming meeting. I mean talking about serving it on a silver platter, you have Alex tweeting Mackenzie, Briana, and Katie about how excited she is about them all getting together.

Teen Mom 3 - Katie Yeager All But Confirmed For The Cast

katie yeager

Look, I'm not really one for absolutes when it comes to predictions because the one thing I hate more than bees is being wrong. While it may be common speculation that Katie Yeager is going to be on Teen Mom 3, I think photos of the MTV crew at her daughter's birthday party confirm it for me. Sure, I may have been 98% sure before, but at least I can say I'm 100% on this one.

Teen Mom 3: Can We Scratch Lindsey From The List?

lindsey harrison

While Teen Mom may be on tonight (and yes, we will be live tweeting! yay!), the final cast member for Teen Mom 3 still appears to be a mystery. Because of the popularity of our little blonde detective mma cheerleading pregnant girl Lindsey, I was almost sure she was secretly the final member of the Teen Mom 3 cast. Hey, she has already started her ink collection, and she's blonde, so she'd be a perfect candidate, right?