This Week in Teen Mom News

Teen Mom 2

1. Jordan Ward celebrates her 21st birthday

Jordan Ward, from season 3 of 16 & Pregnant, just turned 21 on Valentine's Day. She shared this photo of her celebration, which wasn't anything flashy, but judging by the red solo cups, definitely included alcohol. Jordan has been keeping pretty low key since her episode aired. She has two children, Noah and Arri, and she's living with her husband, Brian, on an Air Force base in Texas at the moment. Jordan's twin sister, Jessica, is engaged to get married this June.

Briana Dejesus Bashes Chelsea Houska

chelsea houska

Teen Mom 3's Briana Dejesus has had some interesting habits on Twitter lately, and it doesn't seem like they'll be ending any time soon. Briana went missing from Twitter for a period of a week after an incident regarding Jenelle. A couple of weeks ago, Briana tweeted an x-rated picture, and quickly deleted it after it caused some controversy. The newest issue happened just a couple of days ago when she took to Twitter to bash Chelsea Houska's intelligence.

EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Matt McCann

matt mccann

I had the opportunity to exclusively talk with Matt McCann from Teen Mom 3. Most of you will remember Matt because of his struggles with addiction, which was seen during his entire time on MTV. Since filming has ended, he's cleaned up his act, and we saw on the Teen Mom 3 reunion special that he passed his drug test and seemed to be doing much better. Since then, Matt has found love in a girl named Lekota Koch, a job, and a sense of peace that wasn't present while he was on MTV.

Josh and Mackenzie welcome their baby girl!

mackenzie douthit

Last night, Mackenzie was admitted to the hospital, and today she and Josh have welcomed their first daughter into the world. Angie Douthit, Mackenzie's mother, kept people updated on the day's events via Twitter and Instagram, which gave us a little bit of a timeline on how things went down.

Mackenzie's Pregnancy Problems

mackenzie douthit

As we all know, Josh and Mackenzie McKee, from Teen Mom 3, are currently expecting a baby girl. The baby isn't due until February 27th, but due to Mackenzie's type 1 diabetes, it's very possible that she won't be able to carry the baby to her due date. Currently, she is around 36 weeks pregnant, and she's been encountering some extreme problems with her pregnancy throughout the last few days.

This Week In Teen Mom News

16 & pregnant

1. Alex Sekella's grandma buys her a drug test

A few days ago, Alex posted a photo of this home drug test to her Instagram account with the caption "NO HATE: my gram went to the dollar store n brought this just for me cuz I let her read everything on the internet n she laughs n says just to make u lol. She always knows how to give me a good laugh haha" While I'm not entirely sure what that even means, I can say that if someone gave me a drug test, I probably wouldn't laugh out loud. Also, why would anyone monitor what their grandma reads on the internet? Oh, Alex. Never a dull moment.

Briana Dejesus Is Bad At Twitter

briana dejesus

Last night, Teen Mom 3 "star" (I use -star- very loosely here), Briana Dejesus got a little frisky with her twitter account. She decided to upload a very racy photo to her followers with the caption "This could be us but U ain't texting back". Look, I'm pretty easy going when it comes to things like this, but even I know this was an over-the-line photo to upload. I mean she has 131k followers, many of whom are likely teen girls, and the photo she uploaded was ... hrm ... well, let's just say it wouldn't even be shown on Cinemax.

The Battle Between Alex and Matt

Alexandria Sekella

About a week ago, news got around that Alex may have a boyfriend. Now, normally people would be happy for a single mother to find someone who can treat her and her child like they deserve, but people began getting a little hesitant when they found out that the guy Alex was allegedly dating has a colorful criminal record, and a past that isn't squeaky clean.