Are Daddy Houska, Babs and Debra More Famous Than the Teen Moms?

It makes sense that the most controversial teen moms would make everyone around them just as famous (or infamous) as themselves. After all, when Jenelle is involved in a legal drama with her mother on the opposing side, of course Babs is going to get that much more screen time. But is it possible that people like Daddy Houska, Babs and Debra more famous than some of the other teen moms themselves? Let's take a look.

Kail's Feud With Jenelle Reignited, AGAIN?

Jenelle and Kail have been at their feud for quite some time now, You see, it all started when the Teen Moms started getting entrepeneurial. Apparently, Jenelle was one of the first teen moms to launch her own website but for some reason, started acting nuts when the other teen moms followed suite. Apparently, Jenelle seemed to think the starting a personalized website to grow one's brand was a pretty original idea. In any case, when Jenelle got into a twitter feud with Chelsea over the matt, Kail jumped in. And it looks like Kail and Chelsea are friends outside of the show.

Was Devoin High on Recent Episodes of Teen Mom 2?

Briana DeJesus is definitely one of the more likeable teen moms on Teen Mom 2. As opposed to Jenelle, she's able to cope with her kid acting out. And she seems to genuinely love Nova and wants to be able to care for her as best as she can. Now, Devoin, on the other hand, is clearly a deadbeat dad. And we've seen Briana struggle with how to parents two girls with baby daddies who just don't do their fair share. Little did we know, however, that when Devoin showed up to spend time with Nova that he was up to no good. A lot of no good.

Is Chelsea Leaving Teen Mom 2?!!! Here's the Straight Dope on That

Chelsea's been more active than usual on Twitter lately and of course, what she's saying is attracting some attention given that she's throwing MTV under the bus. Apparently, a number of Chelsea's scenes have been cut together to make it seem like Chelsea has baby fever and Aubree is going underappreciated. Part of this has to do with the fact that Aubree does seem to be having some trouble adjusting to baby Watson. Part of this could also have to do with the fact that Chelsea is a mom who sets clear boundaries.

Chelsea Trashes MTV Over Portrayal of Aubree, Suggests Made Up Storylines

The tricky thing about watching a reality TV show is that you have to be able to call out when the drama might just be made up. And it looks like this morning, Chelsea is doing just that. Of course, since she's a Teen Mom star, she has to do it by biting the hand that's fed her, oh, and her children.

Jenelle and David's Shocking Fights

If you've read "Reading Between the Lines," then you know that Jenelle is quite the fighter. She goes through girlfriends and boyfriends faster than anyone else and the relationships usually implode because of some sort of major dispute. Even Jenelle admits she has a temper and her tendency to be impulsive also makes this tougher for her in terms of managing friendships and relationships. It's no wonder then that Jenelle's relationship to David is just as tumultuous. But interestingly, the stuff that Jenelle and David fight about is pretty surprising and stupid.

The Shocking Reason that Jenelle Up In Kail's Business?

Last night on Teen Mom 2, we saw Jenelle and Kail facing off as Kail found out that Jenelle had tweeted her congrats on Kail's recent pregnancy. Kail immediately got upset, given that she wanted to announce her pregnancy herself and Jenelle inadvertently leaked it. But here's the kicker: Jenelle claimed that Javi was responsible since it was a mutual friend of hers and Javi's who actually told Jenelle the information. Apparently, Javi had told the mutual friend about the news.