Three Reasons Why Javi and Briana's Relationship is Likely to Be Fake

Briana DeJesus

Javi and Briana have supposedly been dating for a few months now and Kail is supposedly jealous about it. But, we just don't buy it. Does it seem likely that Javi would want to date Bri baby? Sure, we've seen him flirting with her. But, something seems fishy about this relationship and here are 3 reasons why we suspect that their romance is full of it.

How Much Will David and Jenelle Earn for Their Ex-Files Spinoff?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle has been all atwitter recently, suddenly turning a pro-MTV leaf and promoting "the ex-files" which is apparently coming soon on MTV. Now, given the recent anger that Jenelle was spouting toward MTV about how she felt they were exploiting her family, this news is certainly interesting.

Teen Mom 2 Season 8, Episode 18 Recap: Jenelle Finally Marries David

Jenelle Evans

Just a month ago, we all saw as Jenelle and David had their typical drama but eventually resolved it. So, just what went down before, during and after their wedding? Read on to find out.