Teen Mom 2: Jenelle's Friend Reveals Details About Gary

Jenelle Evans

In a semi-bombshell this week, Star magazine spoke with Jenelle's friend Allison Lester, to reveal what we pretty much already knew... Gary Head is kind of a douche. While it's been more of a he said/she said type of situation between Jenelle and Gary regarding abuse, this new claim puts much more weight into Jenelle's corner... although I don't really know who this Allison person is.

Leah Is Ready For Summer Rocking Her Bikini Body

Leah Messer

Leah Messer posted some photos recently posing with fans, all while in a bikini. For the fan's privacy, I blurred him out but I'm sure he was a very happy camper so I made him look that way.

Kieffah Is Trying To Send Jenelle Subliminal Messages

Jenelle Evans

Rumor has it that Jenelle Evans is back to spending time with ex, Kieffer Delp, but I don't think she ever really stopped spending time with him. After Jenelle and fiance, Gary Head, went splitsville (again), Kieffah changed his Twitter picture to the one above and tweeted that they're just friends. Perhaps he's sending Jenelle subliminal messages. "Look at this picture. You will see it and you will like it. You will get back with me and then my hoodie will empower you. Empower you, I say! Bwahahaha!" At least, that's how the whole scenario will go down in my head.

What do cookouts, race car beds, and Gary's feet all have in common?

Amber Portwood

They all made it into my Friday "catch-all" post!

It's that time again, everyone! The time for a random Friday post where I compile things that have been happening in Twitter World that don't really need full posts of their own.

Remember That Abused Sister Report? It Was Fake

Jenelle Evans

Does this look like a face of someone with too much makeup?

First, let me say, when I'm wrong I'm wrong. I actually believed Jenelle's sister in this situation, even though my readers continued to point out how her "bruises" looked incredibly fake. I have to say, I'm impressed with the people who came out and said that... it was a touchy issue but they stood their ground and some have insisted they seen many battered people a day in their field and have never seen bruises like that. Most people just back away from stories like that, even if fake... so tons of credit goes to our readers, that's why I love you guys.

Jenelle Bails On Her Abused Sister At 3am

Jenelle Evans

I mentioned yesterday that Jenelle was driving across the country or something like that, and I should have known that would have turned into a bigger story. I guess the reason she was driving to San Diego was to help her sister move. Pretty innocent, right? Well, this is Jenelle we're talking about, nothing is ever ordinary with what she does.

Jenelle Evans Is Neither Broke Nor With Kieffer

Jenelle Evans

Ever since Jenelle and Gary hit up splitsville, it seems people are looking for new stuff to write about our favorite drama princess. Rumors of Jenelle being broke to hopping back on the Kieffer train are flowing like crazy, so I'm going to address those issues and more. First, I need to touch on Gary one last time (eww, and I hope). Here is a latest tweet...