Is Kail Going to File A PFA Against Chris Lopez??!!!

Chris Lopez

This week, The Ashley had the scoop on what's been going on between Kail and babby daddy, Chris Lopez. As one would expect, Chris Lopez has definitely been kicking up the drama after the birth of Lux but apparently, what's interesting here is not that Kail has been keeping him from seeing Lux but rather that Chris has actually been violent with Kail!

How Jace Really Feels About David

Jenelle Evans

Last night on Teen Mom 2, Jace was sitting in the back seat of the car being driven when he decided to tell Jenelle how he really felt about David.

Jenelle's Revenge on Social Media

jenelle evans

Jenelle laid out a threat last weeks that echoed around the internet: She was quitting social for "a while." Well, "a while" turned out to be about one week, because in the last few days, Jenelle has been back in full swing on Instagram. What were her pics of?

MTV Posted and Deleted a Tweet that Angered Thousands, Including Kail...What Was It?

Jenelle Evans

In the past 24 hours, the entire Twittersphere has been reacting to Monday night's episode Teen Mom 2, in which Jenelle and David have an epic fight, and later, David disciplines Kaiser, much to fans' dismay. All anyone can talk about is the fact that Jenelle's kids are neglected and abused, but also, that MTV has been exploiting this family.