First Comes Baby, then Marriage - The Real Reason Why These Teen Moms Get Married After Baby

It used to be the case that you'd find someone, fall in love, get married then hang out for a couple of years together, and finally, get married. But it seems that just about every teen mom loves to have a kid, and THEN, get married. What's with the pattern?

The Real Reason Jo Filed for 50/50 Custody Of Isaac From Kail

Last night, we all saw Kail recount her melodramatic response to Jo filing for 50/50 custody of Isaac and also deal with the fallout of getting served papers to this end. Later, in an interaction with Isaac, Kail also passive aggressively pointed out that when Jo came to Isaac's soccer game, it was the first game that he'd attended all season. While Kail might have been being a little snarky, a good question is, why is Jo filing for 50/50 custody of Isaac now? Is he hopping on the baby daddy legal bandwagon or is there something else going on here?