Teen Mom 2: The Reunion

Hey TMJ, the season is ending and like any Teen Mom show, it is ending in a reunion special where we get the girls thoughts on the season as a whole.

Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 25 Recap

Happy Monday, TMJ! Tonight's the last episode of this season. So you know what that means, it's all about what goes down behind the scenes. TV Guide says "The gals and their families travel to L.A. for the "Teen Mom 2" reunion; Jenelle and Barbara's onstage feud leads to a backstage blowout; and, after reconciling with Javi, Kailyn is blindsided by allegations."

Teen Mom 2 Recap Season 7b Episode 11

On last night's episode of Teen mom 2, Jenelle struggles to get along with her mother and continues to strive for custody of Jace. Things get heated when Jenelle gets bothered that Barb is getting too much camera time and then refuses to film with her. She rips the Go Pros from the car, saying "No one should be nice to my mom, She is a B*tch! Jace comforts his Meme with a big hug.