Kailyn Lowry and Javi Have Found A New Way To Make $$$

kailyn lowry

Kail's Picked Up An Annoying Habit From Bri, But It's Making Serious Dough

If you follow Briana DeJesus, you probably noticed that over the last few months, every few hours, you'd see her tweet a random seeming link. At almost the same exact time, Javi would tweet the same link. Those tweets were sponsored posts that generally linked to top ten lists or something else about Teen Mom.

Kail Teases Getting Back With Javi: But It's Not True...

kailyn lowry

Kail Teases Getting Back With Javi, Sort Of

This morning, Kail tweeted a thread with an interesting cliffhanger:

Javi Spills Deets About Briana, The Book On Kail's Podcast

javi maroquin

On today's Coffee Convos with Kailyn and Lindsie, Kail invited Javi on, and he dished on some interesting stuff.