Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Reunion Part II Recap: Which Baby Daddy Sucks the Most

Jenelle Evans

On part II of the teen mom 2 reunion, the rest of the moms got personal with Dr. Drew.


Briana hasn't been on TV for 4 years since the end of Teen Mom 3 and talks about how much has changed in that amount of time. Briana feels like the new girl with the rest of the Teen Mom 2 cast. She also talks about how she's friends with Javi, which is upsetting to Kail, and in turn keeps Leah from being friends with her.

What's In Jace and Kaiser's Future Now?

Jenelle Evans

One thing Jenelle just loves to do is promote David's parenting and the portrayal of her family, all tucked away in what seems to be the most isolated area of the South. But just how is David turning out as a role model for the kids?

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Episode: Why Did Jenelle and David Storm Off This Time?

Briana DeJesus

Tonight on the Teen Mom 2 reunion, the girls all got together to talk about their trust issues. Read on to find out what happened.

Three Reasons Why Javi and Briana's Relationship is Likely to Be Fake

Briana DeJesus

Javi and Briana have supposedly been dating for a few months now and Kail is supposedly jealous about it. But, we just don't buy it. Does it seem likely that Javi would want to date Bri baby? Sure, we've seen him flirting with her. But, something seems fishy about this relationship and here are 3 reasons why we suspect that their romance is full of it.