Shocker -- The Fallout Begins: David Eason is Fired from Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans

Thanks god for the powers that be at MTV. Even though the average MTV producer has to stand there on Teen Mom making small talk with possibly some of the most intolerable human beings on earth (witness Jenelle and her recent backpedaling) they're probably all cheering now since David Eason is OUUUUUUUUT on Teen Mom. Yep. It seems MTV has released an official tweet about the incident noting:

David Eason Goes On Shocking Homophobic Twitter Rant...See the deleted tweets

Jenelle Evans

This morning, David Eason continued his shocking Twitter rants after the shooting in Florida by going off on LGBT people.  In a series of Twitter posts attacking the media, former President Obama, woman, Eason called being LGBT an "abomination."

Teen Mom 2 Special: Being Javi Recap...When's He Being Deployed Again?

kailyn lowry

MTV still has not finished milking the saggy udders of Teen Mom 2, so whaddya know, Javi is popping up as tour de force, right in the middle of the ongoing season of Teen Mom OG. At the beginning of the episode, Javi gives us a nice little synopsis of his relationship with Kail, which of course, is narrated through the usual delusional perception of the typical Teen Mom baby daddy. Case in point, Javi's initial realization of his and Kail's trust issues came after they'd already gotten married while she was about, oh 6 months pregnant, AND they'd given birth to Lincoln AND Javi had already been deployed. Nope, not a moment before ALL of that. In any case, it looks like Javi is going to be giving us a look into just how AMAZING a dad and husband he was. Let's take a look, shall we?