Jenelle's Sister Ashleigh: Is She Really That Evil?

Jenelle Evans spends a lot of time in her newly released book, "Reading Between the Lines," complaining about her sister Ashleigh. While various tabloids have featured Ashleigh - whether it's giving readers a sense of who she is or simply giving her a voice to sell out Jenelle - we get a sense of what bothers Jenelle so much about Ashleigh in her book.

All of Jenelle's Psychiatric Issues

If there's one thing Teen Mom stars love to discuss, it's their psychiatric issues. Teen Mom OG star Catelynn spent quite a bit of her screen time discussing postpartum depression and bipolar disorder. Teen Mom OG star Maci also had a lot to say about her own postpartum depression but also baby daddy Ryan's opiate dependence issues Now, Jenelle is talking transparently about her psychological difficulties in her recently released book, "Read Between the Lines."

Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Takes Pot Shots at Her Family

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle just came out with her book, which is clearly supposed to take on all of the controversies that she's encountered and justify her bad behavior throughout her life based on her issues with "self esteem." In the book, "Reading Between the Lines," Jenelle calls the "F" word "family" and talks about the bad relationships she has with her siblings and mother and how she's felt betrayed by every member of her family her entire life.