Kail and Jenelle Get Into It Over Lux's Father, and Things Explode

jenelle evans

This morning, Kail and Jenelle got into a Twitter spat over something Jenelle posted on Twitter a few days ago.

The Real Reason Bri and Javi HAVE NOT BROKEN UP?

Briana DeJesus

Bri is all over social media and the tabloids today, talking about why she and Javi have not broken up. She is pushing this relationship hard. First, she and Javi have to take these really fake-o dates everywhere, photographing themselves in coordinated outfits, pushing their children into doubles dates and spending time at places like Disney together. Then, they take things a step further, talking to the tabloids about their relationship. Now, Bri is actually pushing her tabloid articles on social media?

Is Javi Really Being Deployed? New Clues May Give Us An Answer...

Briana Dejesus

There has been a lot of back and forth about whether Javi is being deployed again.

You probably remember that last season on Teen Mom 2 we wrote about how Javi told Kail that he "might need to leave" again, because there was some sort of decision to be made between him and another guy about who would be sent off.

Jenelle's Snow Vacay's Hidden Secrets

Jenelle Evans

This Christmas, Jenelle decided to sell/tell the story of her family's Christmas winter vacation to the Boone mountains to E!Online and now they're pushing her "#family" moments really hard. This is a thing now for Jenelle - to go from #heroin to #family and push it so hard, all over her social media. In any case, wwe thought it would be entertaining to dissect her vacation #teenmomjunkie style and add all of the snark we know you are just itching for.