Is Something Up With Javi and Briana?

Last night was the premiere of Teen Mom 2, and a fair amount of drama erupted among all of our favorite stars, particularly Jenelle. Naturally, Jenelle had to fret and fuss and command a lot of attention for being forced to lift a fingernail while having to care for Kaiser. But there was a bit of drama that went completely unnoticed by cameras and audiences, unless you paid particular attention like we did.

Kailyn Lowry About to Give Birth Amidst Breakup from Two Guys

Kailyn Lowry is back in the news and dealing with two breakups, not just one, while she continues to be with child. The TeenMom 2 star is pregnant and anticipates the season premiere of TeenMom 2. She is anticipated to discuss the recent finalization of her divorce to Javi Marroquin in the upcoming season. We're not sure how much there is to discuss there considering that Kailyn and Javi have had a surprisingly cviil breakup. These two first got married in 2016 and share two kids together. They reportedly broke up in 2016.