Jenelle Evans Continues to Flaunt Her Kids' Gun Use on Social Media

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been laying low since Eason-gate blew over and she managed to hang onto her job at Teen Mom by a thread. Hmmm, she must have figured out that with all of those endorsement deals beginning to fade away, she actually needed the gig at teen mom more than she thought. 

Jenelle's back on Twitter, and now she's complaining about too much "negativity"

Jenelle Evans

Looks like Jenelle isn't gone from Teen Mom.  After the David saga, which resulted in his firing, Jenelle had disappeared for a while, both from Twitter and from the media.  

Shocker -- The Fallout Begins: David Eason is Fired from Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans

Thanks god for the powers that be at MTV. Even though the average MTV producer has to stand there on Teen Mom making small talk with possibly some of the most intolerable human beings on earth (witness Jenelle and her recent backpedaling) they're probably all cheering now since David Eason is OUUUUUUUUT on Teen Mom. Yep. It seems MTV has released an official tweet about the incident noting: