The Real Reason Briana Complains About Money

It seems that all Bri has done this season of Teen Mom 2 is complain about money. Yep. Episode, after episode, after episode, this momma will not stop talking about how Luis needs to provide for her family. But what's confusing about this is that Bri actually earns a fair amount of money, right? By know, everyone has gotten wind of the fact that the teen moms get paid a total of $300,000 per season of Teen Mom 2. So what gives?

Is Kail Going to File A PFA Against Chris Lopez??!!!

This week, The Ashley had the scoop on what's been going on between Kail and babby daddy, Chris Lopez. As one would expect, Chris Lopez has definitely been kicking up the drama after the birth of Lux but apparently, what's interesting here is not that Kail has been keeping him from seeing Lux but rather that Chris has actually been violent with Kail!