TMJ Catch Up Special

16 and Pregnant

Hey, Junkies! I was visiting family and attending a comic convention. I got to let my inner nerd out! But, I am back and ready to catch you up on some Teen Mom news.

Dejesus Daddy Drama

Brittany Dejesus

And it didn't involve the throwing of vases or shoes.

Briana's sister, Brittany, had a major bombshell dropped on her during last night's VH1's Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. Since Briana's 16 & Pregnant episode and, later, Teen Mom 3 aired, it was evident that Briana and Brittany's mother, Roxanne, favored Briana. This caused a lot of tension between the Dejesus women and Brittany didn't shy away from saying that Briana was obviously babied and spoiled. In a previous episode [video], behavioral profiler, Janine Driver, analyzed childhood photos of Briana and Brittany. Driver noted that Briana was always in the middle of Roxanne and Brittany with the latter being "pushed" to the side. Of course, Brittany isn't surprised by this revelation but reality seems to hit Briana. Driver also commented on the girls' posture. "Your head is literally on a platter, " Driver tells Briana. "Your sister is just pulled in right here."

Catelynn's Ink; Looking for Loved Ones

16 and Pregnant

(photo: Instagram)

Over a week ago, Tyler posted that he and Nova were on their way to the Grand Canyon State to pick up Catelynn. They weren't the only family to visit either. Catelynn's father, David Lowell, went along with his son-in-law and granddaughter to participate in Sierra Tuscon's family therapy program. Of course, the MTV family was there because nothing says healing like cameras. It worked so well for Farrah, Jenelle, Amber...oh, wait. Hmm. A few days later, Catelynn tweeted that she had left Sierra Tucson "feeling better than ever." When she got back to Michigan, Catelynn partake in "her type of therapy"; something that almost all of the Teen Moms are familiar with. Tattoo therapy!

Adam and Custody

16 and Pregnant

Let's keep the Adam news rolling...

During Monday's Teen Mom 2 episode, Adam said that he received custody of Paislee. In August 2015, Adam and Taylor settled out of court. This upset Chelsea. She was fighting with Adam over custody of Aubree and she thought it would affect her case. Of course, as we know, it didn't. Taylor decided to clarify on Twitter that Adam didn't have custody of Paislee but visitation. Adam felt the need to respond on Instagram that Taylor was the one confused. He posted a copy of the court documents as his proof.