Briana DeJesus and Luis Still At Odds Over Adoption Option

Briana DeJesus

We know things are over between Briana DeJesus and Luis, however, she is still carrying his child and it is bringing some pretty heavy issues.

DeJesus made it clear that she didn't want to raise another child in her situation. She is pursuing adoption but Luis is not having it.

"I would like [an] open adoption or at least semi-open," said DeJesus to her adoption case worker during Monday night's episode.

"Let's say the father of this baby isn't on board 110 percent. Will I still need him to be on board to proceed if I wanted to give this baby up for adoption?"

She would later on learn that Luis would have to provide some form of emotional or physical support to maintain his own parental rights.

Not only does Luis not want to put his child up for adoption, he also wants to get back together again.

"I know you want to explore your options, but I think what is best for my child is for her to be with her parents," said Luis in the episode.

"People work out all the time. Even through worse matters. Obviously, you know I don't want to co-parent in the sense of us not being together. I want to be together."

The two came to a stalemate as DeJesus doesn't believe Luis understands where she is coming from. It's going to be even more difficult as time ticks on, will they come to an agreement?

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