Are Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran Back Together? Pics Spark Rumors

Here's some not so surprising news: there are rumors that Farrah and Simon are back together.

You may have noticed that Simon has recently been tweeting pictures of himself in Greece. Normally that would just be Simon's self-aggrandizement, but The Daily Mail has posted photos now of Farrah being in Greece as well. Here are the pictures:

Now, we haven't seen any pictures of Simon and Farrah together, it's very interesting that they both happen to be in Greece at the same time. But not only are they both in Greece...they're both taling about Mykonos.

Are Farrah and Simon Back Together?

So they're both in Mykonos at the same time...and having the time of their life...but are they back together? Well, interestingly, they recently appeared in Mexico at the same time as well, according to The Inqiusitr.

And now, Simon is tweeting about it:

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