Another Shocker About Amber's New BF Leaks

Amber Portwood has had some serious bumps with her latest relationship with TV producer Andrew Glennon... but this one takes the cake.

After years spent dealing with the infamous Matt Baier, everyone was hoping that Amber would have a better time with her latest guy. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be happening.

We previously wrote about the restraining orders taken out against Glennon, as well as the numerous reported incidents he had with exes. But now, Radar has a new scoop, that's more shhocking than any of the previous ones: It looks like Andrew Glennon was arrested in 2010 of possession of a firearm and deadly weapon by a felon.

The leaked court documents reveal that Glennon "did unlawfully own, possess, purchase, receive, and have custody and control of a firearm, to wit, handgun, the said defaendant having theretofore been duly and legally convicted of a felony." The actual felony is blocked out from the court document. He appears to have had multiple guns.

He also was in possession of brass knuckles and a Billy club -- what he planned to do with those makes us wonder...

It is reported that he was held on $170,000 bail, which, according to the documents was exonerated. It is unclear how he was able to pay the $170,000 bail.