Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon Look Pretty Serious on Hawaii Getaway

Marriage Boot Camp

Well, Matt Baier looks to be completely in the rearview. Or, maybe, even completely out of Amber Portwood's view at this point.

Portwood was spotted on a Hawaii getaway with her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon and things look like they're getting pretty serious between the two.

"While it's possible she could also be filming some Teen Mom OG on the islands, Portwood implied to fans via social media that she was in the midst of a romantic getaway with Andrew Glennon," according to Radar.

"First, Portwood, 27, shared a shot on Instagram of tropical foliage with two deck chairs sitting behind it, writing, 'Sending love from Hawaii so beautiful and calming.'"

Looks like Portwood isn't even phased by the backlash she received from some fans who believed that she may have been moving on a bit too fast.

A vacation with the new beau is a pretty big sign of something serious. Though, the way she met Glennon was pretty intresting to begin with.

"It was later revealed that the mystery man was Glennon, whom she met while filming Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition," reported Radar.

"Although Portwood joined the reality show to patch things up with ex-fiance Baier, they split when Boot Camp filming ended."

Sometimes things happen for the best, Portwood sure looks plenty happy on this Hawaii vacation. Then again, who wouldn't be happy in Hawaii?

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