Here's Why Jenelle's Ambush on Babs Crossed the Line

Last week on Teen Mom 2, we saw how far Jenelle was willing to go to get custody of Jace back. According to Jenelle, she went over to Babs's house and pounded on the front door, then called the police in hopes of exposing Babs as having been drinking in the house. Of course, Babs came out and talked to the police and told them she never wanted to see her daughter again. A bit of background on this: "In Reading Between the Lines," Jenelle claims that Babs had absolutely no reason to seize control of Jace in the first place, when Babs did so after Jenelle had been going out partying a lot.

What Does Javi Want with Kail's Child Support Money?

Last night on Teen Mom 2, we saw Javi telling a friend that he was going to serve Kail papers to go to court for child support payments. What's interesting about this is what Kail pointed out when she actually got served the papers: Javi was demanding money for health insurance when he actually gets great health insurance through work. In addition, Javi was also requesting money for Lincoln's school tuition needs. But again, Kail pointed out in response to this that she already pays for Lincoln's school tuition. So why was Javi demanding child support at all, given these two facts?

All About Sunshine Wallace Jones: Pics, Social Media and More

Teen Mom New Jersey is just around the corner and in honor of the premiere, we thought we'd give you all of the dirt on the teen moms who'll be coming your way via this new show. We've already given you the roundup on Kaycie Flores, and now, we're going to give you all of the details on another of the New Jersey teen moms, Sunshine Wallace Jones.

Are Daddy Houska, Babs and Debra More Famous Than the Teen Moms?

It makes sense that the most controversial teen moms would make everyone around them just as famous (or infamous) as themselves. After all, when Jenelle is involved in a legal drama with her mother on the opposing side, of course Babs is going to get that much more screen time. But is it possible that people like Daddy Houska, Babs and Debra more famous than some of the other teen moms themselves? Let's take a look.

Who is Kaycie Flores? All About The Teen Mom New Jersey Mom: Pics, Facebook, Arrests, More

We've been writing about Teen Mom New Jersey for a bit now, and it looks like a small blog called I'm Gossip Granny has uncovered some major deets about the show, including the characters, arrests and more. So who are the New Jersey teen moms? We're doing a series with details on each one. Today we're talking about Kaycie Flores.

Kail's Feud With Jenelle Reignited, AGAIN?

Jenelle and Kail have been at their feud for quite some time now, You see, it all started when the Teen Moms started getting entrepeneurial. Apparently, Jenelle was one of the first teen moms to launch her own website but for some reason, started acting nuts when the other teen moms followed suite. Apparently, Jenelle seemed to think the starting a personalized website to grow one's brand was a pretty original idea. In any case, when Jenelle got into a twitter feud with Chelsea over the matt, Kail jumped in. And it looks like Kail and Chelsea are friends outside of the show.