Was Jenelle's Wedding Cancelation Report A Fakeout?

jenelle evans

So, by now, the world knows that Jenelle married David this weekend and they took darling photos of their litter of children in the backdrop of their home out in the boonies. However, a few hours before that fairy tale came true, there were a number of reports circulating that Jenelle had actually canceled the wedding. So, what gives? Did Jenelle actually have a fit, was the whole thing a publicity stunt, or in a third option, did Jenelle just feel encourage to be a little melodramatic given that MTV was filming her wedding?

...Perhaps The Wedding Will Go On After All...

Jenelle Evans

So, not to brag or anything, but we called it. Although RadarOnline reported that Jenelle's wedding was off as of last night, we knew that Jenelle had to have had an explosive fight with David that she eventually calmed down from. Why? Because that's just the way Jenelle rolls.

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Briana DeJesus

This is a sad story to have to write: Briana DeJesus has revealed that Stella has "holes in her heart", and needs to be monitored constantly.

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