Who's the bigger idiot? Simon Saran gets into a Twitter spat with Courtland Rogers

Farrah Abraham

Being Simon, the Teen Mom biopic on Farrah's on-and-off douchebag Simon Saran, is coming up this week and we're all soooo excited... And just in time for his debut, Simon has decided to get into a Twitter spat with another of our favorite douchebags, Jenelle's ex Courtland Rogers -- the guy with the Cadillac tattoo on his neck.

Who is Kail's Rumored Boyfriend, Dionisio Cephas? Facebook, Twitter and More!

Dionisio Cephas

Dionisio Cephas, a man with whom Kail has recently been rumored to be dating given that they were having some flirty exchanges on social media, is now surely going to be in the spotlight. According to the rumor mill, Kail is not pregnant with his baby since Dionisio apparently wants to wait until marriage to have a child. But just who is this guy? We had to find out for ourselves.

Teen Moms Earn What???!!!!

kail lowry

Yesterday the internet was hating on Kail after it she sent out a social media remark, complaining about her life. Apparently, Kail was discussing the difficulty of having three young children. As a result, fans everywhere began posting about how Kail always has someone to watch her kids and actually gets paid quite well by MTV. But how much do Kail and the other moms in Teen Mom 2 get paid? The answer will shock you!

Does Vee Want Out From Living in Delaware with Joe? Find Out Here...

vee torres

Last night, MTV aired its "Being Vee" special, and oh my god, was it boring!!! Other than Vee's wanting to liver her life in New Jersey there is basivally NOTHING going on in this girl's relationship with Jo.

How Vee Really Feels about Kail

vee torres

Tonight MTV is going to be featuring a special on Vee, Jo's girl. We all know that Jo moved on a while ago with Vee, but an interesting question will be what the controversy on Vee will be on tonight's special. We're wondering why MTV is featuring Vee at all.