Is Kail Reconciling with Chris Lopez?

Kail made a really big deal on this season of Teen Mom 2 about the fact that she was going to raise baby Lo by herself. All she did was talk about Chris Lopez, her on/off boyfriend, not wanting to be on the show but also, not wanting to be with her. So we all got really used to the fact that we weren't going to be seeing any more of Chris Lopez. Clearly, we spoke too soon because now, Kail's son Lo has been photographed with Chris.

Is Chelsea Houska Threatening To Leave Teen Mom 2?

every couple of months or so rumors begin to spread that a Teen Mom member would be leaving the show or, they are threatening to leave the show. It never actually happens though, it looks like that could be the case for Chelsea Houska, who has had issues with MTV producers over they way they have been editing certain pivotal moments in the show.

Will Kail and Javi Kiss and Make-Up on Marriage Bootcamp?

So Kail and Javi are headed to Marriage Bootcamp this fall and one can only guess at their motivations about this and what could possibly happen, given all of their recent drama in the past year. Is it just us, or does it seem like every time they're together, Javi is trying to be cordial to Kail, while Kail takes everything that Javi says the wrong way and usually winds up snapping at him? Or just filing charges against him to keep him off her property.