Jenelle's back on Twitter, and now she's complaining about too much "negativity"

Jenelle Evans

Looks like Jenelle isn't gone from Teen Mom.  After the David saga, which resulted in his firing, Jenelle had disappeared for a while, both from Twitter and from the media.  

How Much Could Mackenzie Mckee Make To Replace Farrah?

mackenzie mckee

By now, you've all heard that Mackenzie Mckee is likely to be replacing Farrah on Teen Mom OG.  

There's no doubt she's thanking her lucky stars that she's gotten that gig, as it will be a huge windfall like it was for Briana.  Not only will she get the salary she's getting from TM, but she's also going to have a lot more luck selling her Body By Mac videos.  And the added followers on social media alone can be extremely lucrative.  

Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 13: Gary Explains How to Get DNA Testing

farrah abraham

Well, it's that time again. Tuesday is our day to unleash the snark. Why does Farrah call her father Michael? Find out below. 

Shocker -- The Fallout Begins: David Eason is Fired from Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans

Thanks god for the powers that be at MTV. Even though the average MTV producer has to stand there on Teen Mom making small talk with possibly some of the most intolerable human beings on earth (witness Jenelle and her recent backpedaling) they're probably all cheering now since David Eason is OUUUUUUUUT on Teen Mom. Yep. It seems MTV has released an official tweet about the incident noting: