FTC May Be Cracking Down On Teen Mom Stars Farrah Abraham and Chelsea Houska

It looks like sponsored posts without disclosure are getting Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Chelsea Houska in a bit of trouble with the FTC. When you posting a sponsored post from a company, it must be disclosed in some obvious way. If not, it is in full violation of the Federal Trade Comission's rules.

The Real Reason Jo Filed for 50/50 Custody Of Isaac From Kail

Last night, we all saw Kail recount her melodramatic response to Jo filing for 50/50 custody of Isaac and also deal with the fallout of getting served papers to this end. Later, in an interaction with Isaac, Kail also passive aggressively pointed out that when Jo came to Isaac's soccer game, it was the first game that he'd attended all season. While Kail might have been being a little snarky, a good question is, why is Jo filing for 50/50 custody of Isaac now? Is he hopping on the baby daddy legal bandwagon or is there something else going on here?

Is Jenelle Headed Into a Downward Spiral Over Her Kids?

Oh. Boy. Jenelle has been posting triumphant pics on her Instagram now for several months but now, it seems, she might be headed into a downward spiral given all of the pressure she's under. Of course, with all of that great judgement, she decided to let loose on Twitter about her feelings about the matter. Then, someone, (most likely her manager) made her delete all of the Tweets. Classic. Move.