Jenelle's Snow Vacay's Hidden Secrets

Jenelle Evans

This Christmas, Jenelle decided to sell/tell the story of her family's Christmas winter vacation to the Boone mountains to E!Online and now they're pushing her "#family" moments really hard. This is a thing now for Jenelle - to go from #heroin to #family and push it so hard, all over her social media. In any case, wwe thought it would be entertaining to dissect her vacation #teenmomjunkie style and add all of the snark we know you are just itching for.

The Real Reason Jenelle and David Are Probably Still Together

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle is back in the news and no surprise, Radar, has all of the juiciest dirt on what's been going on.

Teen Mom 2 Special: Chelsea and Cole, a Love Story

Teen Mom 3

We're not sure why MTV chose to feature Chelsea and Cole rather than Papa Randylicious, considering he has SO MUCH MORE appeal. Can you imagine? Watch as Papa Randylicious administers Botox to his patients, defends his slutty daughter to her drug-addicted ex and proves to everyone that dentists are doctors too!!! But no, we got Chelsea, all smug married and better-than-thou momma, trying to pretend she wasn't a TEENAGE MOM just a couple of years ago. In any case, read on to get the deets on just how Chelsea met Cole.

Amber Portwood Lashes Out At TMOG Fans Who Question Her Relationship With Her Daughter

andrew glennon

Amber Portwood is not happy about the backlash she's been getting about how she handled her daughter after her breakup with Matt Baier.

Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 5 Recap: Catelynn and Tyler Dish Dirt on Carly's Adoptive Parents

andrew glennon

We're back this week with even more hijinks in the teen mom world. Think that new teen mom show on TLC has got the upper hand on MTV's classic? Think again. There ain't no messing with Amber 'cause you now she would scratch Lexus's eyes out with just that little pinky finger nail. Sadly that's one cat fight we'll never get to see. But read on to find out what fights did take place in this episode.

Who Was Jenelle Evans's Latest Cease and Desist Victim?

Jenelle Evans

There's no greater contradiction than Jenelle Evans. She hates the publicity on her relationship with David Eason and threatens to quit social media, then gets right back on, advertising her time with her family and hawking any number of products. She talks about how she needs to be alone and spend time by herself then gets right back on the boyfriend train and has another baby. She sends cease and desist letters to her teen mom cast-mates but then continues to post Teen Mom gossip on her Facebook page. On her recent Teen Mom special, we saw more than one ex-boyfriend telling Jenelle she was "crazy" but it took this latest legal action to know they were definitely right.