Teen Moms Earn What???!!!!

kail lowry

Yesterday the internet was hating on Kail after it she sent out a social media remark, complaining about her life. Apparently, Kail was discussing the difficulty of having three young children. As a result, fans everywhere began posting about how Kail always has someone to watch her kids and actually gets paid quite well by MTV. But how much do Kail and the other moms in Teen Mom 2 get paid? The answer will shock you!

Do Javi and Kail Really Hate Each Other? Or is a Reunion in the Works?

Teen Mom 2

Javi and Kail seem to have done nothing but sling mud at each other for the last few months despite co-parenting their children fairly functionally.

Is Kailyn Lowry Giving Kylie Jenner Advice on Life After Pregnancy?

Keeping Friends

Well it looks like the Teen Mom universe is starting to weigh in on celebrity pregnancies. Kailyn Lowry has issued some advice for Kylie Jenner and it's not necessarily about the process, it's all about what happens when you have a kid. Lowry believes that Jenner's posse could diminish after she has her baby and let it be known in a recent TMZ video.

Jenelle's Pregnancy Shocker: Could She Be Preggers Already?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle tied the knot last week and for some reason, pregnancy rumors are already starting to swirl around her. Now that she's in a legal, binding relationship people think she's pregnant? We find that one hard to believe. Our theory is that Jenelle and David will break up at some point, then she'll turn up pregnant, then they'll get back together. Now that sounds a lot more like Jenelle, don't you think?