Guess the Number...How Much Money Did Jenelle Make From Her Wedding

This price tag may shock you. So guess how much reports say that Jenelle and David made off of their wedding? We all know that some magazine offered Jenelle and David the exlcusive on their wedding given that later on, Jenelle got into a feud with a reporter over the issue. And of course, given the number of pics Jenelle took of her wedding attire, cake tasting and such, it's clear she also had plenty of sponsors.

The Shocking Truth Behind Kail's Reunion with Chris Lopez

Today, there are reports out that Kail is back together with Chris Lopez because of their new baby. Wait, so the pregnancy tore them apart and the baby brought them back together? Something doesn't some right here. And where a reunion sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So what's the real reason that Kail and Chris Lopez are back together? Well, here's our hypothesis:

The Real Reason Briana DeJesus is Getting More Plastic Surgery

The internet is reacting today to the news that Briana DeJesus is getting a WHOLE bunch of plastic surgery. Our own feeling here is that we're impressed by the fact that Briana just had a baby and is willing to undergo more pain with a number of medical procedures to look more beauitful. Still, according to the Ashley:

Can Chelsea Hurry Up and Stop Being So Damn Perfect?

Let's face it, everyone watches Teen Mom for the hot mess that is Jenelle. After all, lately, Chelsea has just been so BORING. This is a plea for Chelsea to hurry up and become just a little bit more exciting. After all, is it just us, or have every recent scene in Teen Mom with Chelsea in it been about her and her domestic felicity?