Teen Mom OG: Season 4, Episode 7 Recap

Happy Monday, Teen Mom fans! Been a little out of the game the past few weeks, wicked stomach virus, but I'm here to relay all of tonight's juicy gossip. Can't wait to see what they've been up to so let's dive right in. TV Guide has highlighted the key elements to this episode: "Maci is worried about Ryan's extracurricular activities; Catelynn and Tyler start an online children's boutique; Farrah works on her relationship with her mom through hypnotherapy; and Amber and Matt almost elope in Vegas."

Theories on What Happened with Amber and Matt

So Matt and Amber's wedding is on hold. Big surprise, or no? We're jogging our memories and it seems like this has happened before - Matt and Amber have certainly delayed their wedding in the past. And of course, on screen, all we see is these two being lovey-dovey. So what gives? Why would Amber and Matt put their wedding on hold? We've got three fan theories: