Go To Rue21 On Black Friday, Get An Autographed Picture Of Catelynn And Tyler

catelynn lowell

Rue21, where Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra both work, has decided to use the Teen Mom stars to generate some business. If you go to the Chesterfield, Michigan store on Black Friday, which is the crazy shopping day after Thanksgiving, you will receive a signed photograph of the lovebirds. However, there is a catch. You have to buy a fragrance and the deal is only good from midnight until 1 p.m. I have a feeling Chesterfield will be full of very fragrant teenagers that weekend.

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Preview

The second season of Teen Mom 2 will premiere on MTV December 6, 2011. As usual, the season preview has been posted to YouTube. Honestly, everything that happened seems so old now. I almost forgot Leah was ever married to Corey, but we'll watch them divorce in the new season. Wait...hasn't she already dated 75 guys since then? (No, I'm not serious. I was making fun of the tabloids who have pretty much dubbed her The Teen Mom 2 Harlot.) Also, there's drama about Kieffer and Jenelle, and then Jenelle getting all up in her mom's face. More old news.

Leah Is Turning 3 - Gary Has No More Lungs

Amber Portwood

It's hard to believe that the original Teen Mom babies are now hitting 3 years old. This weekend it will be Leah's turn to hit the big 3, and it brings up the question again - how long will they follow these families? I'm not complaining, after so many years, it's fascinating to watch the development of the moms and the kids, but before we know it, the only 'teens' in the shows will be the kids.

Bentley Rocking Out With Ryan

bentley edwards

Maci just posted a video of Bentley and Ryan playing guitar together, and to be honest I'm not quite sure who is teaching who how to play. I give it 2 years until Bentley is showing his father up on the guitar and giving Ryan a few lessons. I like how Bentley reaches over at the 10 second mark to tune it up some.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself! - And Ebony Jackon Checks Into Rehab

ebony rendon-jackson

First off let me say that Melinda is still writing for this blog, but I am her loving boyfriend (I hope she agrees) and also watch the Teen Mom series, so I offered to help cover some stories for her while she's busy. I am a little nervous, I've never written for a blog with this many readers, so if I ramble on and bore you, please forgive me. Crap, am I boring you already? I'll be brief.. I do most of the Big Brother updates, but considering that's only in the summer, I have plenty of time to express my opinion on other matters during the winter!

Jenelle Evans And Jace Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Jenelle Evans

I love Fall. The holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving!), the apple cider, the pumpkin patch, apple picking, hay rides! Unfortunately, our Fall was cut short this year by a freak snowstorm just before Halloween, followed by a couple of days of no electricity, but I digress. Back on topic: Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans posted pictures of her and her son, Jace, living it up at a pumpkin patch. They included a hayride in the day's events, and may I add that Jace is an absolute doll?